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September 24, 2019

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Why Are There So Many Standards?

By Jay Diepenbrock

There seems to be more standards every day, and some have rumored that there is a movement to merge or consolidate some existing standards. We will examine some of the standards and how they came to be. For starters, we will limit ourselves to three main types of standards in the industry: on-board or internal, input/output (I/O), and networking. I/O and networking are similar, but networking standards typically apply to longer distance links than I/O standards.


Executive Interview: Todd Cutler, Keysight

By Janine Love

Recently, Signal Integrity Journal caught up with Todd Cutler, Keysight’s VP and General Manager for Design & Test Software about product development, innovation, and the latest developments in SI/PI design. Read on to learn more.

News Feature2

Minilab First to Integrate Rapid RSE and Passive Measurement

Microwave Vision Group (MVG) has announced the integration of Radiated Spurious Emissions (RSE) and passive antenna measurement capabilities into its popular, compact and highly accurate lab-based test system, MiniLAB.

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Nano Dimension Presents Production-Grade Printed Capacitors for PCBs

Nano Dimension Ltd., announced that it has developed 3D printed capacitors with the Company’s DragonFly additive manufacturing system. These capacitors are embedded in the body of the additively manufactured printed circuit boards (PCBs), saving space and eliminating the need for assembly.


Rohde & Schwarz


Power Sequencing Test Solution for FPGAs, MCUs and CPUs

Sponsored By Rohde & Schwarz

Processing components such as FPGAs, MCUs and CPUs have specific power supply requirements. Their multiple supplies need to power-up and power-down in a specified time sequence in order to avoid damage. The supply voltage tolerances are tight and require a carefully designed power supply. Download the app note to learn more.


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EDI CON Online Sessions Now Available On-Demand

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