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August 27, 2019

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Materials for High-Speed Interconnects: Physics & Chemistry of Copper-Clad Laminates

By Allen F. Horn III

What is special about a material like PTFE that gives it such a low Dk and Df, while an epoxy has such a high Dk and Df? It is all about the chemical structure of the molecules and how they interact. Understanding the connection between chemistry and electrical properties is the starting place to engineer optimized materials for high-speed interconnects.


Using Multiple Huygens Boxes to Detect and Quantify the Coupling Path from Noise Source to Victim

By Antonio Ciccomancini Scogna, Jiangqi He, Cheng Wei Chang, and Liu Chen Jun

This paper details a methodology of using multiple Huygens Boxes on the coupling path to predict RFI/desense at early design stage in mobile devices—all with an aim to minimize the RFI.


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R&S NGM200 Power Supply Series Sets New T&M Standards for Battery Applications

With the new R&S NGM200, Rohde & Schwarz extends their range of specialized power supplies. The models of the R&S NGM200 series offer new features which make them well suited for developing battery-powered equipment operating at up to 20 V and drawing currents up to 6 A.

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PicoScope Introduces 16 GHz Sampler-Extended Real-Time Oscilloscope

At a low price point, Pico Technology has introduced the PicoScope 9404-16 SXRTO, a 16 GHz sampler-extended real-time oscilloscope. The new model joins the 5 GHz 9404-05 model launched earlier this year. Suited to repetitive or clock-derived signals, both models feature four high-resolution 12-bit channels, each supported by real-time sampling to 500 MS/s per channel and up to 5 TS/s (0.2 ps) equivalent-time sampling.


Rohde & Schwarz


Optimize Doherty Power Amplifiers

Sponsored By Rohde & Schwarz

Speed up development, verify best performance and start up series production with confidence. Doherty designs achieve high efficiency, greater linearity and increased output power. Get deep insight into your design with a dual-path, precisely synchronized source driving the Doherty amplifier and improve your yield. Download the app note to learn more.

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Best Design Practices to Eliminate Ground Bounce in Your Next Product

This SI/PI Technical Session on September 12 at 1:00pm ET presented by Eric Bogatin, will cover a few examples of design features that cause ground bounce, and how to avoid this problem in your next product. We will use measurements of two board designs, one done correctly and one with ground bounce errors to verify our best design practices. After we explore the root cause and how to prevent ground bounce, you should never suffer this problem again.

Learn more about the details of this session and
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Best Practices for Interpreting Power Integrity Measurements

Modern electronics, from automotive to Internet of things, and everything in between, present many power integrity challenges. The performance of the high-speed circuits, including reference clocks, LNAs and transceivers, is dependent on power supply noise. This webinar provides expert advice on the best methodologies for performing low noise measurements as well as explains how to identify and correct power-supply related issues. Register and join us on September 18th!


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