July 31, 2018

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Samtec and Molex Share IP to Reshape Future of Connectors

By Janine Love

This spring, Molex and Samtec announced a collaboration on next-generation data center solutions. SIJ caught up with Brian Vicich of Samtec, Inc. and Brent Hatfield of Molex to find out what that means for engineers.


New Spectrum Digitizers Deliver Precision Measurements for up to 48 Channels

Spectrum Instrumentation has added twelve new products to its family of LXI-based digitizerNETBOX data acquisition instruments. Designed specifically for situations where multiple signals need to be acquired, stored and analyzed, users can select from models that provide 24, 32, 40 or even 48 fully synchronized channels.


Research Teams Selected to Uncover Novel Materials and Approaches to Circuit Integration

At DARPA ERI Summit, academic and commercial industry researchers named to explore new materials, components, and circuit integration schemes to help overcome limits of Moore’s Law. Learn more.


Passive Plus Inc.


Broadband Application Note

By Passive Plus Inc.

This note focuses on a particular implementation of Broadband and Multilayer Ceramic Capacitors and how to obtain the best performance when they’re used on various substrates.


EDI CON USA High Speed Digital Symposium Featured Talks Announced

The role of power integrity is increasingly important, as products increase in the fringes to higher current draw, longer battery life and higher noise sensitivity. In this year's High Speed Symposium, we pull together four industry experts on power integrity to offer a perspective on some of these challenges in designing, building and measuring products at the edge.

The symposium consists of four presentations followed by a panel discussion with each of the speakers participating, led by the editor of the Signal Integrity Journal, Eric Bogatin. The theme for this year's panel will be "Putting Power Integrity in Perspective: How do we know when to apply what guidelines to what types of systems.” Discover more.

Upcoming Webinars

Keysight Webcast  

Keysight Webcast: Part 2 - Demystifying Vias in High Speed PCB Designg

Selecting the right decoupling capacitors for flat target impedance improves the power integrity of a power delivery network while often decreasing cost. Modern high speed designs have both mission mode simultaneous switching noise (SSN) and state change step loads that that exceed the response time of the voltage regulator module (VRM), and are lower frequency than what the on-die and package capacitors can handle. In this webinar, we will discuss a simple but very effective Z Input Impedance method that augments the traditional TDR method for characterizing and optimizing via designs in much faster speed systems.

Rohde & Schwarz  

GaN for DC to DC Converters and Voltage Regulators

GaN offers many advantages compared to silicon MOSFETS, including smaller size, lower on state resistance, more stable gate voltage, much lower capacitance resulting in higher speed, lower inductance connection inductance and manufacturable using existing silicon wafer fabs and the promise of lower cost. With all of these benefits, mass adoption should be instantaneous, right? Yet, engineers are slow to change, in part due to a lack of credible information and in part due to fear of the unknown.

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