July 24, 2018

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Impedance: The Most Confusing Term in Signal Integrity

By Eric Bogatin

In more than 30 years of teaching signal integrity, I find the most confusing topic for engineers, even those working in the field for years, is the question of what is the impedance of a transmission line? The reason it is so confusing is that there are actually five types of impedance, and, if we are not careful providing the qualifier, I may be talking one type of impedance and you are thinking another type of impedance. Discover the five types of impedance.

Passive Plus  

Passive Plus, Inc. Broadband Capacitors: 16 kHz TO > 67 GHz

Passive Plus has developed a series of Broadband Capacitors available in 4 different case sizes: 01005BB, 0201BB, 0402BB, and 0805BB. Values available are 10nF (10,000 pF) and 100nF (100,000 pF). These capacitors are intended primarily for coupling RF signals or, occasionally, for bypassing them to ground, while blocking DC.

TE Connectivity  

New M12 Cable Assemblies from TE Connectivity Enable Rapid Implementation of High-speed Data Networks

TE Connectivity (TE), has extended its modular twisted pair cable assembly offering with new M12 cable assemblies. Conforming to EN45545 HL3 with fire and smoke characteristics, TE’s M12 cable assemblies are suitable for public transportation and other heavy industrial applications. Their rugged design enables them to withstand the vibrations experienced in trains and other demanding environments.


Rohde & Schwarz


Interference Hunting with R&S®FSH Handheld Spectrum Analyzer

By Rohde & Schwarz

This application note explains how to detect, characterize, find and document interferers in cellular networks using the R&S® FSH spectrum analyzer.

EDI CON University

EDI CON USA Introduces EDI CON University Sessions

This year, EDI CON USA will be holding its first EDI CON University sessions. These 2-hour sessions offer in-depth training in a particular topic, such as MIMO Test, Amplifier Design, and Measuring Impedance. All conference pass holders are eligible to attend, but pre-registration is required. Earn IEEE CEUs for EDI CON University 2018 Courses. Learn more and register today!

Upcoming Webinars

Keysight Webcast  

Keysight Webcast: Part 2 - Demystifying Vias in High Speed PCB Designg

Selecting the right decoupling capacitors for flat target impedance improves the power integrity of a power delivery network while often decreasing cost. Modern high speed designs have both mission mode simultaneous switching noise (SSN) and state change step loads that that exceed the response time of the voltage regulator module (VRM), and are lower frequency than what the on-die and package capacitors can handle. In this webinar, we will discuss a simple but very effective Z Input Impedance method that augments the traditional TDR method for characterizing and optimizing via designs in much faster speed systems.

Rohde & Schwarz  

GaN for DC to DC Converters and Voltage Regulators

GaN offers many advantages compared to silicon MOSFETS, including smaller size, lower on state resistance, more stable gate voltage, much lower capacitance resulting in higher speed, lower inductance connection inductance and manufacturable using existing silicon wafer fabs and the promise of lower cost. With all of these benefits, mass adoption should be instantaneous, right? Yet, engineers are slow to change, in part due to a lack of credible information and in part due to fear of the unknown. Learn more and register today.

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