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Statistical BER Analysis of Concatenated FEC in Multi-Part Links

DesignCon 2023 Best Paper Award Winner

This paper proposes a model that can serve as a tool for evaluating FEC choices in 200+ Gb/s applications. It allows the comparison of the effect of different inner/outer codes and inner-FEC interleaving schemes on post-FEC BER. It can also be used as a tool for system-level transceiver design, allowing designers to see the impact of design choices on the post-FEC BER efficiently.

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224 Gbps Link Systems: Modulation vs. Channel vs. FEC

What are the optimal methods (and their resulting challenges) to achieve 224/212 Gb/s common electrical I/O (CEI) and Ethernet, the highest speed/data rate per lane electrical input/output (I/Os) and link systems? By way of understanding, we begin by investigating optimal pulse amplitude modulation (PAML) vs. channel characteristics at 224 Gb/s.

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