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What is This Material Called FR-4?

Within the PCB industry, FR-4 materials have long been accepted as “standard” materials. However, their use was not specific to the types of board being designed. For today’s high-speed, high-frequency designs, careful engineering and material selection relative to the resin systems and glass weave styles needed will ensure that a product will work as specified, as designed, and as manufactured. In addition, the finish of the copper used in the signal and power layers also needs to be controlled in order to ensure that loss goals are met.

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How Do Magnetic Fields Penetrate Shielding Materials?

Characterization of Shielding Materials

This article is the first part of a trilogy that aims to introduce a new paradigm in the measurement of specific electromagnetic shielding materials, namely shielding materials made from woven conductive threads. These articles highlight the shortcomings of common methods in the evaluation of such materials and introduce new approach and methodology to measure them. This new paradigm emphasizes characterization of shielding materials based on magnetic field rather than electric field. The new method introduces a measurement setup and lumped element model intrinsic to the material and independent from the measurement method.

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