Brandon Gore

Brandon T. Gore is presently a Principal Technologist at Samtec managing both the Signal Integrity R&D and Electronic Industry Standards teams. His research focuses are advanced interconnect materials, glass packaging, direct drive optics, and general signal integrity bottlenecks for 200 Gb/s data rates. He is an active contributor to both IEEE 802.3 and OIF Common Electrical I/O projects at 112 Gb/s and 224 Gb/s. Brandon received a PhD degree in electrical engineering from the University of South Carolina under Dr. Paul G. Huray.


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Next-Generation PCB Loss Analysis

In preparation for 224 Gb/s and beyond, Samtec engaged in a research project to characterize the transmission performance of emerging PCB material sets. Brandon Gore explores the current state of the art for PCBs and cables, comparing them and assessing the technology gap to fully support the insertion loss performance required for higher data rates.

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