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Top 5 Articles of All Time

As rated by reader views, here are the Top 5, Most Read Articles on SIJ of all time. Thank you for your continued readership, as we look forward to bringing you many more great technical features in 2022 and beyond!

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Top 5 Webinars of All Time

As rated by attendance, here are the Top 5 Webinars on SIJ of all time. These presentations are available to watch on demand at your leisure. Thank you for continuing to join us, as we look forward to bringing you many more educational and informative presentations in 2022 and beyond!

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A Bode Plot Without Access to the Control Loop

This extreme measurement seems more impossible than difficult.  The traditional stability assessment method for voltage regulators is the Bode plot.  Access to the control loop is required and a small signal is injected into the control loop, usually via a resistor, placed at the top of the voltage sense divider. Without access to this voltage divider, there isn’t a place to inject a signal into the control loop, and therefore the Bode plot is seemingly impossible…

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Selecting a VRM Output Inductor

A consideration that is often neglected is the impact of the self-resonant frequency (SRF) or parallel equivalent capacitance, Cp, which is related to SRF. In this article, Steve Sandler focuses on the impact of the inductor SRF on switching regulator performance.

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Why You Need to Care About Both S and Z Parameters for PDN

I often get questions from my fellow design engineers from around the world asking why we should or should not use S parameters or Z parameters for power distribution network (PDN) designs or validation.  The truth is, we should be familiar with both, because depending on our design and validation tools, one or the other may be better suited for the task. Read on to find out why.

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