EDI CON USA, the industry event that brings together RF/microwave and high speed digital design engineers and system integrators in Santa Clara Convention Center on October 17 and 18, announces the finalists in the Outstanding Paper Awards competition for 2018.

Papers were judged on relevance and technical merit by the EDI CON USA Technical Advisory Committee. Winners will be announced on Thursday, October 18 at 4:30 p.m. in the Frequency Matters Theater on the show floor. Congratulations to the finalists:

Simulation and Modeling Finalists

  • Cut-off Frequency Prediction for MMW Coaxial Interconnects
    • Authors: Tom Clupper (W.L. Gore & Assoc.), Charlotte Blair (ANSYS) and James Broomall (W.L. Gore & Assoc.)
  • Causality in Power Delivery Network (PDN) Extractions in Package & Board
    • Author: Vinod Arjun Huddar (Western Digital)

5G and Advanced Communications Finalists

  • RF Front-End Technology and Tradeoffs for 5G mmWave Fixed Wireless Access
    • Author: Bror Peterson (Qorvo)
  • Realistic Antenna Array Modeling for 5G Communications
    • Author:  Laila Salman (ANSYS Canada)
  • Spatial Filters for Wireless Communication
    • Authors: Edward Liang and Te-Kao Wu (MCV Microwave)

mmWave Finalists

  • Advances in Technology and Design of UWB mmWave Planar and Non-Planar Diplexers for Applications up to 100 GHz
    • Author: Irfan Ashiq (NI Components)
  • RF Technology for 5G mmwave Basestations
    • Author: Thomas Cameron (Analog Devices)
  • All-Silicon Active Antennas for High Performance mmWave Systems
    • Authors: Alastair Upton and Ian Gresham (Anokiwave)

RF and Microwave Design Finalists

  • Design of a Compact, Planar Triplexer Covering DC to 9 GHz and Implemented on Low-Cost Softboard
    • Authors: Utkarsh Unnikrishna and Paul Khanna (National Instruments)
  • IQ Impairments and Correction in Wideband Transmitters
    • Author: Shannon Wanner (iDirect)
  • Optimization Approaches for Digital Controlled Tunable Filters for Receivers
    • Authors: Yarkin Yigit (ASELSAN) and Erdem Yazgan (TED University)
  • A Traceable Workflow for Software Defined Radio Development
    • Authors: Travis Collins and Andrei Cozma (Analog Devices)
  • Reliability Without Hermeticity: Further Development in Commercial Vapor Deposited Coatings for High Frequency RF Microelectronics
    • Authors: Scott Morrison and Shannan O'Shaughessy (GVD Corp.)
  • Network Synthesis Accelerates Impedance Matching Circuit Design
    • Authors: Dr. John Dunn (AWR) and Ben Parry (National Instruments)

Signal Integrity Finalists

  • Practical Application of the IEEE P370 Standard for Measurement of Interconnects up to 50 GHz
    • Author: Jay Diepenbrock (SIRF Consultants)
  • IEEE P370:  A Fixture Design and Data Quality Metric Standard for Interconnects up to 50 GHz
    • Author: Jay Diepenbrock (SIRF Consultants)
  • Signal Integrity Analysis on Integrated Thin Film High Density Organic Package Technology for Next Generation Applications
    • Authors: Surender Singh and Taranjit Kukal (Cadence Design Systems)
  • Demystifying Edge Launch Connectors
    • Authors:  Raul Stavoli, Davi Correia and Emad Soubh (Carlisle Interconnect Technologies)
  • COM for PAM4 Link Analysis–What You Need to Know
    • Authors: Geoffrey Zhang, Min Huang and Hongtao Zhang (Xilinx)
  • Via Characterization and Modeling by Z Input Impedance
    • Author: Heesoo Lee (Keysight Technologies)
  • Comparison of Embedded Coplanar Waveguide and Stipline for Multi-Layer Boards
    • Author: Milica Markovic (California State University Sacramento)

Test and Measurement Finalists

  • High Speed/mmWave Measurement-Based Model Development: Uncertainties and Model Sensitivities
    • Author: Jon Martens (Anritsu)
  • Methods for Permittivity, Permeability and Loss Measurements of Polymer Composite Magneto-Dielectric Laminates
    • Authors: Allen Horn III, Christopher Caisse, Patricia LaFrance and Karl Sprentall (Rogers Corp.)

Power Integrity Finalist

  • The 2-Port Shunt-Thru Measurement and the Inherent Ground Loop
    • Authors: Anto Davis and Steve Sandler (Picotest)

In addition to the two full days of conference programming, EDI CON USA offers special events including EDI CON University, the 5G Symposium, the High Speed Digital Symposium, workshops and panels. The event also includes a celebration of innovation in the EDI CON EXPO hall, complete with show-floor networking opportunities, happy hour and speed trainings.

More information and registration is available www.ediconusa.com

Take 30% off a conference pass or get a free EXPO pass with the code #EDICON18. EDI CON USA 2018 is supported by its primary media sponsors, Microwave Journal and Signal Integrity Journal