Rogers Corporation will share its experience and expertise on circuit materials technologies at the 2018 Electronic Design Innovation Conference (EDI CON USA 2018) October 17-18, in the Santa Clara Convention Center (Santa Clara, CA). EDI CON USA 2018 ( is entering its third year of serving the high-frequency RF/microwave design engineering community.

The event combines a technical conference with practical engineering applications and an exhibition floor with solutions at all levels, from design software and circuit materials to components and systems. The EDI CON USA 2018 conference and exhibition provides valuable educational opportunities for designers of high-frequency analog and high-speed digital circuits seeking to learn about the latest markets and technologies, in application areas that include automotive electronics, industrial electronics, wired and wireless communications, medical electronics, and military electronics.

Rogers Corp. Technical Presentation

As part of the technical conference, Rogers’ Associate Research Fellow Al Horn will present, “Methods for Permittivity, Permeability and Loss Measurements of Polymer Composite Magneto-Dielectric Laminates,” in which he will detail straightforward techniques for measuring many of the most essential circuit-material performance parameters. Horn’s presentation is Thursday, October 18, starting at 1:20 p.m. Using some of the company’s circuit materials as examples, he will review the instruments needed to measure essential material characteristics and how to perform the measurements.

Products on Hand at Booth #204

On the show floor, representatives from Rogers Corp. will be on hand to discuss some of the latest circuit laminates, bonding materials, and conductive foils for high-speed, high-frequency circuit design. Materials on display will include MAGTREXÔ 555 laminates, RO4835T™/RO4835™laminates, RO4450T™ bonding materials, CU4000™ and CU4000 LoPro® foils, as well as XtremeSpeed™ RO1200™ Extremely Low Loss Laminates and RO4730G3Ô Laminates.

Visitors to the Rogers’ booth can learn about the optimal use of these and other of the company’s high-quality circuit materials when meeting the demands of next-generation high-speed digital and RF/microwave circuit designs.

MAGTREX™ 555 Laminates

MAGTREX 555 Laminates represent the first product in a new platform of high impedance laminates featuring a high permeability and permittivity. These high impedance laminates enable antenna designers to expand the trade-space of their antenna design enabling up to a factor of six reduction in size while maintaining the bandwidth achieved in a larger design. These laminates feature a closely matched X/Y axis permeability and permittivity of six and six and a half respectively, along with low magnetic and dielectric loss below 500 MHz. These  laminates are based on a ceramic / PTFE composite system, manufactured in a process similar to Rogers Corporation’s popular RT/duroid® laminates. 

MAGTREX 555 high impedance laminates feature a low X, Y, Z CTE closely matched to copper for thermal reliability  and are available in thicknesses from 20 to 250 mils They are offered with or without copper cladding. 

RO4835T™/RO4835™ Laminates, RO4450T™ Bonding Materials & CU4000™/CU4000 LoPro® Foils

RO4835T laminates, offered in a 2.5 mil, 3 mil and 4 mil core thickness, are 3.3 Dk, low loss, spread glass reinforced, ceramic filled thermoset materials designed for use in multilayer board designs, and complement RO4835 laminates when thinner cores are needed. RO4450T Bonding Materials are 3.2-3.3 Dk, low loss, spread glass reinforced, ceramic filled bonding materials available in 3 mil, 4 mil or 5 mil thicknesses and were designed to complement any of the existing RO4000® laminate family. CU4000 and CU4000 LoPro Foils are sheeted foil options for designers looking for foil lamination builds, and provide good outer layer adhesion when used with RO4000 products.

RO4835T laminates and RO4450T bonding materials exhibit excellent Dk control for repeatable electrical performance, a low z axis expansion for plated through-hole reliability, and are compatible with standard epoxy/glass (FR-4) processes. They are an excellent choice for multilayer designs requiring sequential laminations, have the UL 94 V-0 flame retardant rating, and are compatible with lead-free processes.

XtremeSpeed™ RO1200™ High Speed, Extremely Low Loss Laminates

As the demand for faster and more data drives channel speeds of core network infrastructure beyond 50 Gbps, one of the limiting factors in increasing performance is the signal attenuation resulting from the circuit materials.

With a low dielectric constant of 3.05, and a maximum dissipation factor of 0.0017 @10GHz, Rogers XtremeSpeed RO1200 laminates provide outstanding signal integrity, reduced signal skew, and reduced cross-talk. Combined with superior thermal/mechanical performance, low CTE, and a halogen free UL 94 V-0 rating, Rogers XtremeSpeed RO1200 laminates are well suited for the most demanding high layer count applications.

RO4730G3Ô Laminates

RO4730G3 patented hollow-sphere laminates which combine a flame retardant, low loss thermoset dielectric with patented LoPro copper foil, incorporate a proprietary filler system that brings to market a material solution addressing many of today’s challenges. As antennas developed for 4G (LTE-Advanced) and beyond (5G) become more complex, there has been a desire for thinner core constructions. In 2017 Rogers qualified additional 5 mil and 10 mil thickness options.

RO4730G3 laminates bring to market a UL 94 V-0 flame retardant material that has a Dk match to 3.0, Df of 0.0023 (2.5 GHz), low z-axis CTE for plated through hole reliability, low density microspheres yielding a laminate 30% lighter than PTFE products, and compatibility with conventional epoxy and high temperature lead-free solder processing. With the right combination of materials, RO4730G3 laminates provide an optimum blend of price, performance and durability.