March 6, 2018

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Interfacing FPGA

Interfacing FPGA With High-speed Data Converter Using Parallel and Serial Interface

By Marc Stackler, Andrew Glascott-Jones, Romain Pilard, Nicolas Chantier

The current trend for many applications requiring data converters is to get closer and closer to a full SDR (Software Defined Radio) system. While SDR architecture brings many benefits in terms of flexibility and SWaP-C (Size, Weight, Power and Cost) it often translates into higher bandwidth capability and is directly linked to the data converter sampling speed with the Shannon-Nyquist theorem. Learn more.


Saelig Launches New Crystal Oscillators With Four Switchable Frequencies and Low Jitter

Saelig Company, Inc. has introduced the Euroquartz QuikXO HC_JF series of switchable crystal oscillators that can provide four different preselected frequencies. These high performance clock oscillators are available in CMOS, CML, HCSL, LVPECL or LVDS versions, with the unique ability to switch between four different output frequencies.


Intel Ships Industry’s First 58G PAM4-Capable FPGA Built for Multi-Terabit Network Infrastructure and NFV

Intel announced it has begun shipping its Intel® Stratix® 10 TX FPGAs, the only field programmable gate array (FPGA) with 58G PAM4 transceiver technology. By integrating the FPGA with 58G PAM4 technology, Intel Stratix 10 TX FPGAs can double the transceiver bandwidth performance.


Rohde & Schwarz



GNSS receiver testing in accordance to RED 2014/53/EU Article 3.2

By Rohde & Schwarz

A customizable solution for testing GNSS receivers to ensure a certain resilience against (legal) interference from neighboring bands.



EDI CON China Celebrates Innovation in Beijing!

By Janine Love

This March 20-22, EDI CON CHINA will take place at the China National Convention Center in Beijing, China. This year’s event brings its unique, high-quality technical conference with learning and training opportunities back to Beijing. In addition to the technical conference, EDI CON CHINA features a full show floor of exhibitors demonstrating the latest in RF, microwave, and high-speed digital products and services. Attendees to EDI CON can find solutions, products, and design ideas that they can put into immediate practice for applications in the communication, defense, computer, consumer electronics, aerospace, and medical industries.

DesignCon 2018 Videos

Rogers Interview with Market Segment Manager Mahyar Vahabzadeh



Signal Integrity Journal contributing editor, Pat Hindle, talks with Rogers Market Segment Manager, Mahyar Vahabzadeh, about high-speed PCB trends and products at DesignCon 2018. See additional videos from DesignCon here.

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