Developed at the specific request of industrial electronics customers, Knowles brand Syfer can now offer MLCC’s, for non-safety critical applications, up to 500Vac, 50/60Hz continuous. 

Syfer pioneered 250Vac rated MLCC’s for non-safety critical applications to complement its range of industry standard DC rated and market leading TUV / UL qualified class X & Y surge and safety MLCCs. The non-safety range offered MLCC’s rated for 250Vac 50/60Hz with an increased capacitance range compared to the safety approved range, suitable for applications where the rigorous safety approvals were not necessary.

In response to customer demands, the company is now able to offer an extended solution for non-safety critical applications up to 500Vac 60Hz continuous where extended capacitance values are required, up to 47nF.

Suitable for use in 440Vac & 480Vac 3-phase type industrial electronics applications where a 500Vac rating would give a comfortable margin.  Launch range is 10nF maximum in case size 1812, to a maximum of 47nF in case size 2220 – other values will follow but smaller case sizes will not due to electro-mechanical issues with such high voltages.

Whilst not qualified to any external specification, the range does include a surge impulse rating of 1kV (1.2x50µS).

The inclusion of this range now gives Knowles the largest range of ac rated MLCC’s in the market, including 250Vac & 500Vac non-safety as well as their qualified surge & safety range which offers the highest value class Y2 MLCC available today.

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