Ardent Concepts, Inc., a leading designer and manufacturer of high performance, controlled impedance connectors used in the development of next generation semiconductor applications, has released a dual-ended version of its 70 GHz high density TR Multicoax connector. This new configuration of its innovative TR Multicoax series connectors is ideal for in-system test and measurement boxes like BERT scopes and network analyzers. This equipment requires high density and extremely high-fidelity connectors. In lieu of the current method of employing individual threaded connectors (these are time consuming to couple and the signal integrity can vary with each connector), Ardent’s dual-ended TR solution will save time while providing consistent measurements and reliable signal integrity. The connector is also geared towards board-to-board applications where the same benefits are recognized. This addition to the TR 70 Multicoax line reinforces Ardent’s mission to bring tomorrow’s connector solutions to market today. With exceptionally low loss, TR 70 ensures quicker, more accurate, and more repeatable connector performance.

“For quite some time now, Ardent has been supplying the Test & Measurement equipment market with our TR connectors for use in large, capital equipment.” said Ardent President and Chief Technology Officer, Gordon Vinther. “More recently, our customers have revealed a similar need in their more portable equipment like BERT scopes and VNAs. Signal measurement of ever-increasing bandwidths and a need for more ports in a dense footprint are driving those needs. Offering a 70 GHz configuration of our multi-channel connector with a TR interface on either end solved our customers desire to move away from individual connectors for each port on the equipment.“

The TR Multicoax series features 20/40/70 GHz connectors for customers with wide ranging bandwidth needs. As a solderless compression mount solution, TR Multicoax offers repeatable connector performance in any application across multiple programs. Our small footprint means engineers don’t have to be constrained by the size of their boards or limited in the channels they can access. The TR Multicoax series provides engineers with industry-leading performance and reliability in markets such as IC development, communications systems, and even quantum computing.

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