September 5, 2017

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DC Blocking Cap Location

DC Blocking Capacitor Location, who cares?

By Gustavo J. Blando

It's a fact, the older I get, the dumber I become. I came to that realization while thinking about this eternal question engineers have about placement of high speed DC blocking caps in serial link channels. Read these insights about capacitor placement.

Samtec Direct Connect cable

Samtec Enhances Direct Connect™ Cable Systems

High-speed, press-fit termination simplifies direct connection to PCBs.

Passive Plus

PASSIVE PLUS, Product Spotlight: 0805N 1111N Series

PPI offers a Low ESR/ESL EIA capacitor series. These multi-layer capacitors have been developed for High-Q and Microwave applications including base station products and L/C filters.

EMC SI PI 2017 Videos

EMC SI PI 2017 Videos

Check out these booth product overviews and demonstrations we recorded at the EMC SI PI 2017 for Altair, AR, CST, Keysight, and R&S.


Dr. Eric Bogatin, Editor of Signal Integrity Journal will chair the High-Speed Digital Symposium. This special event requires a conference pass. Use code AUGUST to save 60% and pay only $200 for a three-day pass.



Anritsu VNA Fundamentals Poster

VNA Fundamentals Reference Poster

This full color A1 reference poster provides all the reference data that the VNA expert needs in one useful location.

Signal Integrity Webinar

Upcoming Webinars

Rohde & Schwarz_Signal Microwave

Measuring Very Low Power Signals Webinar

This webinar is intended to introduce some basic concepts related to the measurement of small signals. Instrument selection including oscilloscopes, digitizers, spectrum analyzers, and vector signal analyzers will be discussed.

Visit our archived webinars page for educational resources on various design and measurement subjects and view at your convenience.

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