September 12, 2017

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Perils Right Angle DC

The Perils of Right-angle Turns at DC

By Istvan Novak

Right-angle turns harm DC distribution as much as high-speed signals, if not more. This article shows you why and how, and we will also show simple remedies.

Measuring Sub-milliOhm PDN Impedance

Measuring Sub-milliOhm PDN Impedance

By Steve Sandler, Picotest

Getting low noise, sub-milliOhm measurements in very small circuits is very difficult. The purpose of this article is to share some tips with you so that you can successfully perform these measurements, too.

Analog Devices

58VIN, 24W, Inverting µModule Regulator Is EN55022 Class B Compliant

Analog Devices, Inc., which recently acquired Linear Technology Corporation, announces the LTM4651, a nonisolated inverting output µModule® regulator that can generate –26.5V to –0.5V output from a positive input supply voltage.

Passive Plus Tin/Lead

Passive Plus Offering Tin/Lead Termination On Traditional High Q (>10,000)/ Low ESR Capacitors

PPI’s Tin/Lead plated termination is composed of 90%Sn 10%Pb solder (SnPb 90/10) over a nickel plating. All parts meet or exceed MIL-PRF-55681 and MIL-PRF-123.


Zuken Showcases Design for Manufacture Solutions at PCB West 2017

Zuken and Nano Dimension will share a booth and showcase the latest technologies for PCB Design for Manufacture (DfM) and 3D printing at PCB West.


Anritsu VNA Fundamentals Poster

VNA Fundamentals Reference Poster

This full color A1 reference poster provides all the reference data that the VNA expert needs in one useful location.

Signal Integrity Webinar

Upcoming Webinars

Rohde & Schwarz_Signal Microwave

Measuring Very Low Power Signals Webinar

This webinar is intended to introduce some basic concepts related to the measurement of small signals. Instrument selection including oscilloscopes, digitizers, spectrum analyzers, and vector signal analyzers will be discussed.

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