July 18, 2017

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Featured Article

Measuring Glass Weave Skew and the Identification of an Important Hidden Variable Artifact

By Eric Bogatin

This article summarizes a technique to measure the magnitude of the glass weave skew effect and an observation of an important hidden variable which might explain why there is so much confusion about this effect in the industry.


Featured Article

Better, Faster, More Confident 25+ Gbps Via Design: Applying Decomposition and Image Impedance

By Ben Toby, Karl Bois

Decomposition and image impedance can accelerate and improve design by allowing designers to confidently look inside structures and interpret the results with an intuitive figure-of-merit.



Anritsu Company

True PAM4 Generation and Measurement Poster
By Anritsu Company

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Featured Article

Additional Trace Losses Due to Glass-Weave Periodic Loading
By Jason R. Miller, Istvan Novak, and Gustavo J. Blando

This article covers glass weave periodic loading, the impact of trace route to glass weave angle, the impact of meandering trace routes and test structure measurement.



Fearture Article

Measuring Characteristic Impedance on Fine Line PCBs
By Martyn Gaudion

When measuring characteristic impedance on fine line traces, it is important to use a long enough test vehicle to enable a good line fit away from TDR pulse settling and launch aberrations so as you can apply launch point extrapolation.



Sierra Circuits

Understanding Signal Integrity for PCB Layout
By Sierra Circuits

This white paper addresses the integration of signal and power integrity analysis, 3D-electromagnetic solving, and fast DRC checking in a single unified environment.

Feature Article

A Practical Method to Model Effective Permittivity and Phase Delay Due to Conductor Surface Roughness
By Bert Simonovich

When modeling lossy transmission lines, using manufacturers’ published dielectric and conductor material properties, often leads to a discrepancy in Dkeff due to increased phase delay caused by surface roughness. Here is a method to address this issue.


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