Ultra Librarian®, the world's largest CAD library provider, today announced that it has developed a new AI-driven CAD modeling engine to drastically reduce the time it takes to build CAD models. This new technology leverages the extensive Ultra Librarian expertise in CAD modeling and furthers the mission to make manual CAD model creation a thing of the past. 

“We are very excited about this new capability,” said Frank Frank, chief architect for Ultra Librarian. “Leveraging AI has shown 20x-30x increases in performance, compared to manual methods, allowing us to further accelerate our model building activities.” 

The Ultra Librarian team has been training the new AI models on their extensive, verified library of over 16 million CAD models currently available through Ultra Librarian. This allows the team to tune and train the AI engine to handle the myriad of variations and differences that exist between a vendor's part data. 

“Having the world's largest library of verified CAD models has really helped us evolve and validate our AI learning models quickly,” said Frank. “The team is already exploring additional use cases to help further enhance the value and utility of the CAD model itself as we move forward.” 

The new AI driven CAD modeling engine will be available as a free beta in early 2024. The Ultra Librarian team will be available to discuss this new capability at PCB West (booth 509). Interested parties can pre-register for the free beta program starting today.