Keysight Technologies, Inc. introduces enhancements to the company's Nemo Device Application Test Suite. This software-centric solution uses automation and artificial intelligence (AI) to enable wireless service providers and application developers to accelerate the assessment of smartphone users' real-world interactions with native applications. 

During the past few years, the use of mobile applications globally to access digital content, engage on social media platforms as well as participate as a player in online games has grown significantly. Because native mobile apps offer an optimal and customized experience compared to mobile web browsers, the use of mobile applications is fueling this growth.

"Service providers and mobile app developers need a reliable way to verify the real end-user experience of accessing over-the-top (OTT) applications from a smartphone connected to the cellular network," said Matti Passoja, Head of Nemo Wireless Solutions at Keysight. "Keysight combines a unique set of in-house software technology solutions to create an automated app test method that uses real applications to provide more accurate insights into the network performance, even under the most complex and dynamic circumstances."

Keysight leveraged AI, machine learning (ML), and automation, using data captured by a native mobile app (not simulated data traffic), to create the device test app method. This delivers a more accurate assessment of an end-user's interaction with the same mobile app. The application test automation method enables wireless service providers to rapidly optimize 5G network performance and deliver a greater quality of experience (QoE) for smartphone users accessing some of the world's most widely used OTT services and social media applications, including Facebook Messenger, Microsoft Teams, Snapchat, TikTok, and Zoom.

The automated test app method is one of three complementary test methods available within Keysight's Nemo Device Application Testing Suite. Depending on the type of the mobile application and the key performance indicators (KPIs), a specific test method is used in combination with a companion Nemo field test solution. Nemo Testing Suite users receive a comprehensive, realistic, and flexible 5G network performance validation and end-user QoE assessment.

Keysight's Nemo test tools capture real measurement data in the field for real-time or post-process analysis. These test tools include Nemo Outdoor 5G NR Drive Test Solution, Nemo Backpack Pro 5G In-Building Benchmarking Solution, and Nemo Network Benchmarking Solution.