MathWorks introduced Release 2022a of the MATLAB and Simulink product families. Release 2022a (R2022a) offers hundreds of updated features and functions in MATLAB® and Simulink®, along with five products and 11 updates. These capabilities in MATLAB include apps and App Designer functions, graphics enhancements, and the ability to customize Live Editor tasks. Simulink updates allow users to streamline masking workflows with a mask editor and accelerate simulation using a model reference local solver.  

R2022a also introduces products supporting wireless and industrial communications, as well as automated driving:

  • Bluetooth® Toolbox 

MathWorks Bluetooth® Toolbox provides standard-based tools to design, simulate, and verify Bluetooth communications systems. It supports test waveform generation, golden reference verification, and Bluetooth network modeling.

  • DSP HDL Toolbox

DSP HDL Toolbox™ provides pre-verified, hardware-ready Simulink blocks, and subsystems for developing signal processing applications such as wireless, radar, audio, and sensor processing. It includes templates for interfacing MATLAB and Simulink as well as reference examples.  

  • Industrial Communication Toolbox

Industrial Communication Toolbox™ provides access to live and historical industrial plant data directly from MATLAB and Simulink. Users can read, write, and log OPC Unified Architecture (UA) data from devices such as distributed control systems, supervisory control and data acquisition systems, and programmable logic controllers. 

  • Wireless Testbench

Wireless Testbench™ provides reference applications that are ready to run on off-the-shelf software-defined radio (SDR) hardware such as USRP™ using over-the-air signals for high-speed data transmit, capture, and spectrum monitoring. 

  • RoadRunner Scenario

RoadRunner Scenario™ is an interactive editor that lets you design scenarios for simulating and testing automated driving systems. Place vehicles and paths, define logic, and parameterize scenarios, then simulate the scenarios in the editor.  Users can choose from built-in vehicle actors or design their own using MATLAB and Simulink, or CARLA.

In addition to these products, R2022a includes major updates to MATLAB Compiler SDK, MATLAB Production Server, Robotics System Toolbox, Simulink Real-Time, and other products in the areas of signal processing, computational finance, and verification, validation, and test. R2022a is available immediately worldwide. For information on all products, enhancements, and bug fixes to the MATLAB and Simulink product families, visit the R2022a Highlights page.