January 5, 2021

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Nine Essential Principles of Signal Integrity
By Eric Bogatin


SIJ technical editor Eric Bogatin notes that there are some problems that occur over and over again across product families and applications. They have a handful of essential principles at their underlying root cause. In this blog, he explains that if we really understand these underlying principles, the root cause of the problems will be more apparent and their solutions closer to implement.


Design Rule Checks for High-Speed PCB Design
By Patrick Carrier

From the Archives

Coping with Signal Integrity and EMI issues is a daily challenge for PCB design engineers.  While many rely on design reviews and manual checking to identify these issues, a more efficient way to pinpoint them is the use of automated design rule checks (DRCs). This article discusses some of the common Signal Integrity and EMI issues that can be found using DRCs.


Rohde & Schwarz USA


Five Techniques for Fast, Accurate Power Integrity Measurements

Industry dynamics are driving a decrease in rail voltage values and tighter tolerances across a wide range of rails. Making an accurate ripple measurement on a 1 V rail with 2% tolerance, for example, is difficult on all scopes. Discover how to make accurate power integrity measurements.

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Keysight Launches 800G Test Solutions to Speed Development of Next Generation Data Center Technologies


Keysight Technologies, Inc., has launched 800G test solutions for validating electrical and optical interfaces to speed development of next generation data center technologies, including the first 100Gb/s transmitter and receiver pre-conformance test solution.


Additional News Highlights

Demystifying EMC Conference Goes Virtual in 2021

AVX Joins the Open Alliance

Sierra Circuits Launches a 3-in-1 Trace Width, Current Capacity and Temperature Rise Calculator

EMV 2021


If EMC testing, devices, guidelines, and certifications are your thing, the EMV goes digital from 23–25 March 2021. Get a unique market overview and new impulses for your daily work: exchange with experts at the European meeting point for electromagnetic compatibility.


Crosstalk in PAM4 Systems


The transition from NRZ to PAM4 takes us from jitter-limited to noise-limited signaling and crosstalk is the most insidious noise of all. This webinar puts you front and center in the battle between aggressors and victims! We’ll start with crosstalk physics, PSXT, NEXT and FEXT, move to techniques for predicting crosstalk from channel designs, and then dive into high-rate approaches to crosstalk analysis: ICR, IXT and IMR, ICN, right up to the big daddy, COM—we might even invent an all new acronym and not tell anyone what it stands for. Registration is live! Join us on Tuesday, January 12 for this informative presentation by Ransom Stephens.


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