January 12, 2021

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Channel Operating Margin: An In-Context Channel Compliance Method
By Brandon Gore


Mechanical needs and power limits are at odds with what is optimal for signal integrity. Having a metric that guides us to the sufficient SI choice rather than going for the optimal SI choice ultimately saves cost and decreases time to market. Read on for the details on Brandon Gore’s technique.


Transient Load Tester for Time Domain PDN Validation
By Ethan Koether and Istvan Novak

From the Archives

Power distribution networks (PDNs) delivering power to ICs in a system need to be thoroughly designed and analyzed in order to make sure any voltage fluctuation on the rail is within the tolerance of every IC connected to that rail. As ICs on the rail draw power, they generate a voltage fluctuation on the rail.


Rohde & Schwarz


Application Guide: System Level Verification and Debug of DDR3/4 Memory Designs

This application note provides an introduction to the DDR memory technology and explains common challenges, related to the specific nature of DDR data, command / address and control buses and describes the typical measurements to verify and debug DDR system designs.

Download Rohde & Schwarz's white paper to learn more.


Teledyne e2v HiRel Reveals Two High Power GaN HEMTs to its
650 V Family


Teledyne e2v HiRel is adding two additional, ruggedized GaN power HEMTs (High Electron Mobility Transistors) to its 650-volt, high-power family of products based on GaN Systems technology. The two high-power HEMTs, TDG650E30B and TDG650E15B, deliver lower current performance of 30- and 15-amp respectively, while the original 650 V introduced last year, the TDG650E60, delivers 60 A.


Additional News Highlights

CEVA and DARPA Establish Partnership for Technology Innovation

Pixus Develops OpenVPX Chassis Platform Supporting Speeds in Excess of 100GbE and 2500W of Cooling

Alpine Optoelectronics Produces 400G PAM4 nCP4 SiPho Optical Engine on Tower Semiconductor Technology



IPC’s executive leadership and Board of Directors made the decision to cancel the IPC APEX EXPO as an in-person event and move to a virtual event. The event’s digital platform will allow you to easily navigate more than 100 technical conference sessions and application-focused professional development courses as well as view product demonstrations, schedule one-on-one meetings with exhibitors and experience other offerings within the online exhibition.


Crosstalk in PAM4 Systems


The transition from NRZ to PAM4 takes us from jitter-limited to noise-limited signaling and crosstalk is the most insidious noise of all. This webinar puts you front and center in the battle between aggressors and victims! We’ll start with crosstalk physics, PSXT, NEXT and FEXT, move to techniques for predicting crosstalk from channel designs, and then dive into high-rate approaches to crosstalk analysis: ICR, IXT and IMR, ICN, right up to the big daddy, COM—we might even invent an all new acronym and not tell anyone what it stands for. Join us TODAY, January 12 for this informative presentation by Ransom Stephens.


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