January 19, 2021

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Machine Learning Applications for COM Based Simulation of 112Gbs Systems
By Alex Manukovsky, Yuriy Shlepnev, Zurab Khasidashvili, and Eli Zalianski


This paper describes a systematic approach for system design space exploration through the application of machine learning (ML) methods for advanced system analysis. Those interested in automating signal integrity analysis using machine learning should take a look at this work, which includes an example of a 112 Gb SerDes system analysis.


Characterizing and Selecting the VRM
By Steve Sandler

From the Archives

VRMs and VRM controllers are often selected based on size, efficiency, price, or a relationship with the manufacturer. This often leads to a poor VRM selection, requiring additional engineering resources, greater time to market, as well as, higher BOM costs to correct the deficiencies. In this article, we evaluate the choices, define some useful figures of merit, and provide specific selection suggestions.



SIJ July 2020 Issue


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Rohde & Schwarz Presents Handheld Vector Network Analyzer Up to 26.5 GHz


Rohde & Schwarz now offers the R&S ZNH, a full two-port handheld vector network analyzer up to 26.5 GHz with cable and antenna analysis and full S-parameter measurements. Both of these functions are included free of charge. The R&S ZNH is user-friendly, easy to configure and has a compact fanless housing for field applications.


Additional News Highlights

The PicoScope 4000A Series PC-based Oscilloscopes

TraceParts and SnapEDA Partner to Offer Unified UX to Source Free PCB Footprints, Schematic Symbols & 3D MCAD Models

Passive Plus, Inc. Custom Assemblies Offering

EDI CON Online 2020 Sessions Available On-Demand


Didn't get a chance to attend any EDI CON Online 2020 5G/IoT/Automotive, PCB/Interconnect Design, Signal Integrity/Power Integrity, EMC/EMI, or Radar/Antenna related technical sessions, workshops, or keynotes? You can still catch all these talks on-demand at your leisure. Content is available for free, to attendees on-demand!

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Crosstalk in PAM4 Systems


The transition from NRZ to PAM4 takes us from jitter-limited to noise-limited signaling and crosstalk is the most insidious noise of all. This webinar puts you front and center in the battle between aggressors and victims! We’ll start with crosstalk physics, PSXT, NEXT and FEXT, move to techniques for predicting crosstalk from channel designs, and then dive into high-rate approaches to crosstalk analysis: ICR, IXT and IMR, ICN, right up to the big daddy, COM—we might even invent an all new acronym and not tell anyone what it stands for. You can now view this informative presentation by Ransom Stephens on-demand.


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