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December 10, 2019

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The Reality of 56/112 Gbps PAM4 Data Transmission

By Scott McMorrow

Routing 112 Gbps PAM4 signals through a system poses many challenges for designers. In this piece, SI expert Scott McMorrow explains what causes signal degradation and offers a path forward. Read on to learn more. 


Top 5 Webinars for 2019

By Janine Love

As rated by registrants and views, here are the Top 5 must see Webinars on Signal Integrity Journal for 2019. These webinars are available for free on-demand to watch at your convenience. Thank you for your viewership in 2019, and we look forward to bringing you many more great technical webcasts in 2020!

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Anritsu Introduces PCI Express Test Solution Supporting PCIe 5.0 Base Specification Rx Tests

Anritsu Company introduces a PCI Express test solution supporting the Gen5 base specification stressed receiver test featuring the Signal Quality Analyzer-R MP1900A series with installed automation software for base specification calibration and BER measurement software supporting the SKP Filter.

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Spectrum AWGs Deliver Output Swings Up to 24V

Spectrum Instrumentation has added six arbitrary waveform generators (AWGs) to its recently released M2p.65 xx series of PCIe cards. The AWGs extend the product family’s capabilities by boosting the available output range, so that waveforms can be generated with amplitude swings of up to ±12 V into 1 MOhms or ±6 V into 50 Ohms.


Rohde & Schwarz USA Inc.


Rapid Characterization of High Speed Digital Channels using a Multiport VNA

Sponsored By Rohde & Schwarz USA Inc.

Vector Network Analyzers (VNA) are gaining popularity in the Signal Integrity community as time domain measurement and analysis tools. VNAs with 8 ports or more can provide significant decreases in test time by migrating from a 4-port measurement system to an 8-port measurement system. Downlaod the app note.

Rohde & Schwarz

Extending the Functionality of the Oscilloscope

Modern instruments are available to perform almost any measurement with extreme accuracy and resolution. Despite this, there has been a trend to include more capabilities within the most common of benchtop instruments, the oscilloscope. This webinar focuses on the overview of these new features, the tradeoffs and limits compared with traditional instruments and Steve Sandler's predictions for what might come next. IT'S NOT TOO LATE TO REGISTER! Join us on Wednesday, December 11th for this informative presentation.

Rohde & Schwarz

New Developments in CISPR Product Standards for Emission Measurements

This webinar informs you about new developments in CISPR product standards for emission testing. It comprises changes to EMI compliance measurements for the following standards; CISPR 11- industrial, scientific and medical equipment, CISPR 14-1- household appliances and electric tools, CISPR 15- lighting equipment and CISPR 32- multimedia equipment.
IT'S NOT TOO LATE TO REGISTER! Join us on Thursday, December 12th for this informative on-demand presentation.

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