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October 22, 2019

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Executive Q&A: Jairo Guerrero, Molex

By Janine Love

What are the greatest technical challenges facing connector designs for future high-speed deployments? Jairo Guerrero of Molex delves into the technical challenges for today’s connectors, the influence of applications such as automotive and data/telecom, and he gives an intriguing glimpse into the product development process at Molex. Read on to learn more.

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Altair Acquires Polliwog Co. Ltd, Growing Software Toolset for EDA

Altair announced the acquisition of Polliwog Co. Ltd., a high-tech software company based near Seoul, providing EDA software to the electronics industry. Polliwog expands Altair’s solution portfolio for system-level engineering to the PCB design and analysis market.

News Feature2

Alliance Memory Bolsters Product Lineup With New 4Gb High-Speed CMOS DDR4 SDRAMs

Alliance Memory announced that it has expanded its product offering with a new line of high-speed CMOS DDR4 SDRAMs. For improved performance over previous-generation DDR3 devices, the 4Gb AS4C256M16D4 and AS4C512M8D4 offer lower power consumption and faster data transfer rates in 96-ball and 78-ball FBGA packages.




Designing for DDR4 and Beyond

Sponsored By Keysight Technologies Inc.

This webcast will help you understand the differences between DDR4/DDR5 and earlier technologies. It will also help you gain an understanding of the design challenges and simulation challenges for high-speed DDR. See how you can use simulation tools to prepare yourself for DDR5 designs now!

EDI CON Online

Available On-Demand, DAY 3 KEYNOTE: 56G/112 Gbps From Front-Panel to the Backplane

Didn't get a chance to attend EDI CON Online? This keynote presented by Jignesh Shah, Sr. Technologist at Samtec, took place on September 12. In this keynote, Samtec will demonstrate real-world applications in high-performance interconnect design, channel optimization, and alternate system architectures that exceed the demands of next generation data transmission.

Register now for this on-demand session, it's FREE.


Rohde & Schwarz NA

Life Beyond 6 Gbps: How to Predict PCB Interconnect Behavior at the Microwave Frequency Bandwidth

This webinar is just an introduction into the broad subject of microwave signal integrity. It is an overview of the most important elements and design flow steps necessary to design predictable PCB interconnects with high confidence. Who should attend: Designers of PCB interconnects operating at 6-112 Gbps. Signal Integrity engineers and engineering managers interested in deep understanding of how interconnects work. Register now and join us on October 31st for this informative presentation.


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