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October 1, 2019

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On-Board Decoupling Capacitor Optimization

By Shirin Farrahi and Wenjian Zhang

The goal of power integrity (PI) analysis is to ensure not only sufficient but also stable power to all chips in a system. This article uses the example of a DDR4 application to explain the choices surrounding the use of decoupling capacitors to reduce impedance, and which performance parameters are critical to success.

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Cadence Launches Celsius Thermal Solver, Delivering the First Complete Electrical-Thermal Co-Simulation for System Analysis

Cadence Design Systems, Inc. expanded its presence in the system analysis and design market with the introduction of the Cadence® Celsius Thermal Solver, the first complete electrical-thermal co-simulation solution for the full hierarchy of electronic systems from ICs to physical enclosures.

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Mixed Mode Option for Digitizers and AWGs

Spectrum Instrumentation has released an optional module for its latest range of 16-bit digitizers and AWGs that adds 16 synchronous digital lines to the analogue data. The additional digital lines extend the four multi-purpose XIO lines that are already standard on these digitizer and AWG cards.




Master the Fundamentals of High-Speed Digital Measurements

Sponsored By Keysight Technologies

Keysight’s Complimentary High-Speed Digital Back to Basics Seminar is coming to the following locations: October 3 in Cambridge, MA and October 10 in Irvine, CA. Join us for a day of face to face networking with our Keysight experts and others in your field. Read on to learn more about the technical sessions and how to register.

EDI CON Online

Available On-Demand: Best Design Practices to Eliminate Ground Bounce in Your Next Product

Didn't get a chance to attend EDI CON Online? This SI/PI Technical Session presented by Eric Bogatin took place on September 12. Eric's session covered a few examples of design features that cause ground bounce, and how to avoid this problem in your next product. Measurements used consisted of measurements of two board designs, one done correctly and one with ground bounce errors to verify our best design practices. After we explore the root cause and how to prevent ground bounce, you should never suffer this problem again.

Register now for this on-demand session, it's FREE.


Rohde & Schwarz NA

Life Beyond 6 Gbps: How to Predict PCB Interconnect Behavior at the Microwave Frequency Bandwidth

This webinar is just an introduction into the broad subject of microwave signal integrity. It is an overview of the most important elements and design flow steps necessary to design predictable PCB interconnects with high confidence. Who should attend: Designers of PCB interconnects operating at 6-112 Gbps. Signal Integrity engineers and engineering managers interested in deep understanding of how interconnects work. Discover more and join us on October 31st for this informative presentation!


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