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October 15, 2019

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Signal Microwave


PCB Trace Current/Temperature Relationships and their Dependencies

By Douglas Brooks

The ability to analyze and predict the current/temperature effects of isolated traces is helpful, but the actual temperature of a trace may be different because of uncertainties in the actual trace thickness or board material thermal conductivity coefficient. This article traces the effort to see what PCB board parameters have the most impact in determining trace temperatures, followed by a look at related PCB design considerations. Read on to learn more.

News Feature1

Anritsu Introduces Modular Opto-electronic Network Analyzer

Anritsu Company introduces the ME7848A Opto-electronic Network Analyzer (ONA) system, a flexible solution integrating the VectorStar® vector network analyzer (VNA) with an O/E calibration detector and E/O converters that conducts cost-effective E/O, O/E and O/O measurements on optical devices operating at 850 nm, 1310 nm, and 1550 nm.

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Teledyne LeCroy’s New WaveRunner 8000HD Oscilloscopes Target Power, Automotive, and Embedded Systems Applications

Teledyne LeCroy announced availability of the WaveRunner 8000HD High Definition Oscilloscopes (HDO), the world’s only 8-channel, 12-bit resolution, 2 GHz instruments. WaveRunner 8000HD leverages the company’s HD4096 High Definition technology and a 15.6” touchscreen, high channel counts, and 5 Gigapoints of acquisition memory in critical applications.



Samtec Inc.


Connector, Cable Systems For AI Hardware Design

Sponsored By Samtec Inc.
This video walks through a live demonstration of a prototypical AI hardware design. Based on the GenZ-PECFF form factor, it’s a scalable, 32 GT/s silicon test platform incorporating a backplane, up to eight riser cards capable of running PCI Express® 5.0, interconnected by PCIE-G5 edgecard sockets and Samtec Flyover® cables. Watch the video to discover more.

EDI CON Online

Available On-Demand: Test Fixture De-embedding for PCB Characterization and Material Extraction

Didn't get a chance to attend EDI CON Online? This SI/PI Technical Session presented by James Drewniak took place on September 12. James's session covered de-embedding using a 2X thru approach, and suitable test fixture development for successful de-embedding to high frequencies will be discussed. The specific application presented will be PCB material characterization.

Register now for this on-demand session, it's FREE.


Rohde & Schwarz NA

Life Beyond 6 Gbps: How to Predict PCB Interconnect Behavior at the Microwave Frequency Bandwidth

This webinar is just an introduction into the broad subject of microwave signal integrity. It is an overview of the most important elements and design flow steps necessary to design predictable PCB interconnects with high confidence. Who should attend: Designers of PCB interconnects operating at 6-112 Gbps. Signal Integrity engineers and engineering managers interested in deep understanding of how interconnects work. Register now and join us on October 31st for this informative presentation.

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