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July 16, 2019

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Methodology for Analyzing Reference-clock Phase Noise in High Speed Serial Links

By Gary Giust

Since an oscilloscope and phase noise analyzer observe jitter differently, obtaining the same value from both instruments can be challenging. This article presents a phase-noise based methodology that provides similar values as time-interval error jitter derived from an oscilloscope.


The New Touchstone Specification 3.0 Awaits for Your Input

By Eric Bogatin

If you use or create S-parameters for signal integrity applications, you use the Touchstone format to store your data. The Version v3 .0 is in the works. Now is the time to provide your input on what you would like to see. Read on for a history of Touchstone and find out how you can shape its next iteration.

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New Testing Facility for EMC and Antenna Systems Inaugurated

Electromagnetic compatibility (EMC) is a key prerequisite for the future topics connectivity, autonomous driving, shared, and electric drivetrain. With the new test facility, Mercedes-Benz takes an important step in the digitization of the automotive industry.

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Rohde & Schwarz ZNL VNA Gains Non-Invasive Stability Measurement, has announced the availability of new software that brings the unique non-invasive stability test capability to the Rohde & Schwarz ZNL and ZNLE vector network analyzers.


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Signal Integrity Journal, covering signal integrity, power integrity and EMC/EMI related topics, has published its July 2019 printed magazine issue. The July magazine is available in print (by subscription and at select SI/PI/EMI events) and is also available as an eBook. Don't miss out on the latest...
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EDI CON Online

EDI CON Online Offers Free Learning for Engineers

EDI CON Online is an interactive event for high frequency and high speed design engineers taking place on September 10-12, 2019. The three tracks include: 5G & IoT, Radar & Antennas, and Signal Integrity & Power Integrity. Each session occurs at no cost to attendees, and each day includes technical sessions, sponsored workshops, and a keynote, all at 30 minutes each. Join the session live to participate in the Q&A or watch it later on demand as your schedule allows. Sign up for all sessions in one simple portal. See the program here.

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