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July 9, 2019

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Test Your TDR with a DMM

By Eric Bogatin

A TDR (time domain reflectometer) is an instrument that probably has the fastest rise time of any instrument in your lab, but how accurate is it? Eric tests accuracy using a DC Ohmmeter in this piece.

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CompactPCI Serial Development Platform from Elma Enables High-speed Processing in a Test Environment

Elma Electronic Inc. has expanded its popular line of E-Frame test and development platforms to include a 3U CompactPCI Serial-based system designed for high-speed data processing.

News Feature2

Richardson RFPD Announces Availability of Wolfspeed’s New 1200 V, 450 A Silicon Carbide Module

Richardson RFPD, Inc. announced the availability and full design support capabilities for a new silicon carbide module. Wolfspeed developed the XM3 power module platform to maximize the benefits of SiC, while keeping the module and system design simple and cost-effective.


Rohde & Schwarz


Optimizing Wide-Bandgap Semiconductor Switches to Meet EMI Compliance

Sponsored By Rohde & Schwarz

EMI compliance is becoming a major concern for advanced power electronics due to increasing switching speeds. Correlated time-frequency measurements help optimize gate driving and minimize electromagnetic emission already during development. Download this white paper to discover more.

EDI CON Online

EDI CON Online Will Reach Global Audience

The Electronic Design Innovation Conference and Exhibition (EDI CON) announced that this year, in conjunction with Microwave Journal (MWJ) and Signal Integrity Journal (SIJ), it will host an online, interactive event for high frequency and high speed design engineers on September 10-12, 2019. The interactive technical sessions will occur at no cost to attendees, and sponsors will have the opportunity to present workshops and keynote sessions as part of the daily schedule.

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Lark RF Reviews their Unique LCP Packaging Capabilities

Kevin Walker of Lark RF (a Benchmark company) reviews their capabilities including up to 60% size reduction re-designs using their LCP packaging technology at IMS2019. Watch this video clip to learn more.


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