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April 2, 2019

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Practical Application of the IEEE P370 Standard for Measurement of Interconnects up to 50 GHz

By Jay Diepenbrock, Heidi Barnes, Eric Bogatin, Ching-Chao Huang, Jason Ellison, Mikheil Tsiklauri, and Xiaoning Ye

Wondering about the practical uses of the proposed IEEE P370 standard? This paper shows some applications of the draft IEEE P370 standard in order to demonstrate its effectiveness for interconnect measurement.


Design Challenges of Infrastructure for Automotive Wireless Charging

By Armando Medina, James Wooten, and Ganesh Kudva

One regularly cited inhibitor to even faster adoption is the need for a public charging infrastructure that is universally available. The technical teams behind these infrastructures are working diligently to both increase the number of currently available plug-in stations as well as drive technological innovation and drive down costs to deliver wireless charging infrastructures available in both public and private spaces. This article examines several of the technical challenges that must be solved to bring this to fruition.

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Saelig Introduces PicoScope 4 Channel 5GHz Sampler-Extended Real Time Oscilloscope

Saelig Company, Inc. introduced the PicoScope 9404-05 5GHz oscilloscope, a PC based high-resolution device which brings affordable high-speed performance by combining the benefits of real time and equivalent time sampling with very high analog bandwidth.

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Infineon Claims Industry’s First 1000A Voltage Regulator for Next-Generation AI and 5G

Infineon Technologies AG extends its portfolio of high current system chipset solutions with the first 16-phase digital PWM multiphase controller, enabling currents of 500 to 1000 A for next generation CPUs, GPUs, FPGA and ASICs used in artificial intelligence (AI) servers and 5G datacom applications.




Anatomy of A Noise Source

Sponsored By Noisecom
Download the “Anatomy of a Noise Source” Poster and discover how a noise source can help electronics testing. Learn about AWGN, how it is generated, how it is controlled and packaged to help test and validate circuit designs with real world noise.


Rohde & Schwarz

Understanding SNDR and All that Goes Into It

In this seminar, we’ll use the Signal to noise and dispersion ratio measurement as a lab to understand not only SNDR, but the important quantities that go into it and many other measurements: pulse response and how it relates to features of interconnects like transfer functions and impulse response as well as ISI (inter-symbol interference); waveform fitting, fit deviations, and signal distortion; and measurement of the steady state voltage and pulse peak. In the process, we’ll see exactly how SNDR compares electrical signal strength to the combination of random noise and harmonic distortion.


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