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March 19, 2019

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PAM4: For Better and Worse

By Ransom Stephens

Is PAM4 worth the hassle? That’s the question that will trigger your amygdala’s fight or flight response as you encounter the many annoyances that PAM4 brings to your world. Since you’re in a lab rather than a jungle, that fight or flight response might translate into sarcastic cracks like: “Right, that higher BER requirement makes it all so much easier—not.” “Good old NRZ, those were some fine bits. Remind me why I asked for this?” And, “dear NRZ, I never knew how much I loved you until I lost you.”


Free Beta Code to Implement Impedance Corrected 2X Thru De-Embedding Algorithm

By Eric Bogatin

At DesignCon 2019, Jason Ellison, signal integrity engineer with Amphenol, announced the release of a free beta version of code that implements the Impedance Corrected 2x Thru De-embedding algorithm. Discover more.

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Dialog’s Latest Family of Bluetooth Low Energy Wireless Multi-core MCUs

Dialog Semiconductor plc, announced the SmartBond DA1469x family of Bluetooth low energy SoCs, its advanced range of multi-core microcontroller units (MCUs) for wireless connectivity.

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Anritsu Strengthens MP1900A BER Test Functions for More Efficient Verification of 400GbE Transceivers and DSP

Anritsu Company enhances its Signal Quality Analyzer-R MP1900A BERT with the introduction of four PAM4 BERT options adding multichannel synchronization, multilane FEC pattern generation for 400GbE, inter symbol interference (ISI) stressed signal generation to simulate transmission path losses, and application software for capturing device under test (DUT) error counts.




Anatomy of A Noise Source

Sponsored By Noisecom

Download the “Anatomy of a Noise Source” Poster and discover how a noise source can help electronics testing. Learn about AWGN, how it is generated, how it is controlled and packaged to help test and validate circuit designs with real world noise.

EDI CON China 2019

EDI CON China 2019 Announces Innovation Award Finalists

By Janine Love
EDI CON China 2019 taking place April 1-3, 2019 at the China National Convention Center in Beijing has announced the finalists in the second annual EDI CON China Product Innovation Awards.


Upcoming Webinar

Rohde & Schwarz

Understanding SNDR and All that Goes Into It

In this seminar, we’ll use the Signal to noise and dispersion ratio measurement as a lab to understand not only SNDR, but the important quantities that go into it and many other measurements: pulse response and how it relates to features of interconnects like transfer functions and impulse response as well as ISI (inter-symbol interference); waveform fitting, fit deviations, and signal distortion; and measurement of the steady state voltage and pulse peak. In the process, we’ll see exactly how SNDR compares electrical signal strength to the combination of random noise and harmonic distortion.


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