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March 5, 2019

Sponsored by: Rohde & Schwarz NA

Rohde & Schwarz NA


Demystifying Edge Launch Connectors

By Raul Stavoli, Davi Correia, and Emad Soubh

A particularly challenging configuration is the edge launch, where connectors are used on the edge of the PCB with a transition to a microstrip trace. A poorly optimized connector footprint leads to degradation of the signal integrity performance, especially at high data rates. This paper identifies the root cause of the problem by showing how the electromagnetic fields behave at the transition area. Then it presents a design methodology, using simulated and measured data, that ensures the quality of high-speed data transmission.


The Future of Power Integrity

By Eric Bogatin

Get six experts in a room together and you are likely to hear seven different opinions. Not so at the Future of Power Integrity Panel Discussion at DesignCon 2019. The consensus of this panel of experts is that the future of power integrity will include single processor chips drawing as much as 1000 A and more. Read on for the details of this discussion!

News Feature1

Rohde & Schwarz Makes 16-bit HD Mode Standard for Its R&S RTE, R&S RTO and R&S RTP Oscilloscopes

Rohde & Schwarz announces that starting immediately, all R&S RTO and R&S RTP oscilloscopes are delivered with the high definition mode featuring 16-bit vertical resolution. Users benefit from more measurement performance at the same price. Higher-resolution waveforms enable more precise analysis of signal details that would otherwise be hidden by noise.

News Feature2

ZTE Unveils the First 5G Fronthaul 200G Outdoor OTN Product

ZTE Corporation, introduced the first 5G fronthaul 200G outdoor OTN product, the ZXMP M721 OD62. Featuring small size and high reliability, the ZXMP M721 OD62 is designed to be easy to install and maintain, and it can be applied to the metro edge layer.


Sierra Circuits


Differential Pair Series

Sponsored By Sierra Circuits
Because it is essential to know all about differential pairs in PCB transmission lines, we created this Diff Pair series for designers. It covers topics such as coupling coefficient, common and odd mode signals, differential impedance, even mode, line inductances and capacitances, etc. Learn more.

EDI CON China 2019

Keynote Speakers Announced for EDI CON China

By Janine Love
EDI CON China 2019, taking place April 1-3, 2019 at the China National Convention Center (Beijing, China), has announced its lineup of keynote speakers for this year’s event.



Find Electromigration Vulnerabilities on IC Packages using SIwave By ANSYS

Learn how SIwave can estimate lifespan and identify potential points of failure in your designs.


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