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March 12, 2019

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Just how good are VNA Measurements?

By Eric Bogatin

Just because someone has a VNA capable of 60 GHz bandwidth doesn't mean it will always give the same results. It is not the instrument, but the measurement procedure that seems to influence the quality of the measurements the most. Read on for information on a recent study from Jason Ellison, Heidi Barnes, and Jose Moreira, as well as 7 tips for improving your measurements.


PCI Express Gen5 is Coming: What You Need to Know for Tx Measurements

By Rick Eads

While we all love increased network speed, there is an implied assumption that the backbone speeds of the internet will keep up with this rising demand placed upon it by millions of new 5G devices. PCIe 5.0 (or Gen5) represents the technology that is needed by the computer, data center, and ultimately the 5G wireless industry to enable the next generation of mobile and desktop applications. So, what is PCI Express 5.0 and how does it compare to PCI 4.0? Read on to find out.

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Teledyne LeCroy Demonstrates First Protocol Analyzer Platform for Next-Generation USB4 and Thunderbolt 3 Systems

Teledyne LeCroy, Inc., announced and demonstrated the first protocol analyzer platform for testing next-generation USB4 and Thunderbolt 3 systems. The convergence of the underlying Thunderbolt and USB protocols in the USB4 specification will increase compatibility among USB Type-C connector-based products, simplifying how people connect their devices.

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MACOM Announces New Family of Drivers for Single-Lambda 100G and 400G Applications

MACOM Technology Solutions Inc., announced the availability of a new family of drivers for Single-Lambda 100G and 400G applications. These 2nd generation EML and Silicon Photonic drivers provide high performance in low cost SMT packaging, required for 100G DR1/FR1 and 400G DR4/FR4 applications.


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When You Need An Ideal Clock Source

Sponsored Rohde & Schwarz

Today’s digital designs and high-speed data converters require clean clocks with minimal jitter. Modern digital designs and data converters can only work as well as the clock source allows. As clock rates increase, the requirements for signal quality remain or become even more demanding. Download the app note to learn more.

Rohde & Schwarz

Understanding SNDR and All that Goes Into It

In this seminar, we’ll use the Signal to noise and dispersion ratio measurement as a lab to understand not only SNDR, but the important quantities that go into it and many other measurements: pulse response and how it relates to features of interconnects like transfer functions and impulse response as well as ISI (inter-symbol interference); waveform fitting, fit deviations, and signal distortion; and measurement of the steady state voltage and pulse peak. In the process, we’ll see exactly how SNDR compares electrical signal strength to the combination of random noise and harmonic distortion.

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