September 4, 2018

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Design Platforms Maximize Performance and Reduce Time-to-Market

By Pat Hindle

We asked some of the leading EDA software companies to describe their respective holistic approaches that help design engineers optimize across multiple tools, to accomplish high performance, reliable designs quickly and efficiently. Here are some comprehensive platforms that can accomplish multiple design tasks in one interface or environment to rapidly get your designs to market.


Samtec Releases Flyover™ QSFP28 Cable System

Samtec announces the Flyover™ QSFP28 Cable System. This new system can support 28G NRZ/56G PAM 4 data rates per channel, and it provides system design flexibility. Samtec’s Flyover QSFP28 Cable System allows sideband signaling via press-fit contacts to improve airflow, reduce loss, and mitigate skew.

TE Connectivity  

TE Connectivity Pushes Beyond 10GB/S with New RFO Transceiver

TE Connectivity (TE), announced the release of its new ParaByte transceiver. The release of this rugged parallel optical transceiver marks TE’s first launch of an optical transceiver capable of achieving 10+ GB/s while also meeting standards for rugged performance.




Backchannel Modeling and Simulation Using Recent Enhancements to the IBIS Standard

By Cadence
Enhanced IBIS standards now support backchannel training, enabling IBIS-AMI models to emulate real-world SerDes behavior. You can incorporate backchannel algorithms into IBIS-AMI models, automating the optimization of transmitter and receiver equalization settings in the same manner as actual SerDes hardware devices. Download the app note.

EDI CON USA Event Highlights

EDI CON USA Event Highlights

We hope to meet you Oct 17-18 at the Santa Clara Convention Center. EDI CON USA Conference Pass holders have access to all events at EDI CON USA (including both parties). Drop in for a day or soak up everything across both days. See the technical program and register here.

2018 event highlights: The 5G Symposium, High-Speed Digital Symposium, Autonomous Driving panel, Career Insights Panel, EDI CON University (IEEE/PDUs awarded), plenary keynote talks, technical papers, workshops, & speed training, Expo hall full of innovators and the Frequency Matters Theater.


Videos from IEEE EMC SIPI

Videos from IEEE EMC SIPI 2018

Check out these product overviews, demonstrations and interviews we recorded at IEEE EMC SIPI 2018 for Rohde & Schwarz, Teledyne LeCroy and AR.

Visit our archived webinars page for educational resources on various design and measurement subjects and view at your convenience.
Browse webinars here.

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