Samtec, announces the Flyover™ QSFP28 Cable System. This new system can support 28G NRZ/56G PAM 4 data rates per channel, and it provides system design flexibility. 

Samtec’s Flyover™ QSFP28 Cable System allows sideband signaling via press-fit contacts to improve airflow, reduce loss, and mitigate skew. This system can provide aggregate data rates of 100Gbps NRZ/200 Gbps PAM4, and is compatible with all MSA QSFP pluggables. A variety of heat sink options are available and allow a heat dissipation of approximately 3.5W per cable.

The Samtec Flyover™ QSFP28 Cable System consists of the FQSFP assembly, the QSFPC cage, HS-QSFP heat sink, and LP-FQSFP light pipe. The FQSFP offers multiple End 2 options including DCH, ECUE, and ARC6. FQSFP utilizes 30 & 34 AWG 100 Ω Eye Speed® Ultra Low Skew Twinax Cblae. Samtec also offers an FQSFP SI Characterization Kit for evaluation and development.

“Using the FQSFP series allows for a much longer electrical trace and convenient selection for the endpoint of the SerDes termination,” said Aaron Ram, Applications Engineer at Samtec, Inc. “The process of routing through the FQFSP series allows designers to locate the QSFP interface much further from the ASIC or processor than traditional PCB routing would allow. This also removes the need for expensive retimers or power hungry drivers and receivers.”

For more information, please visit the Flyover™ QSFP28 Cable System landing page or download the Flyover QSFP Application Design Guide. Immediate technical support is available from Samtec’s HDR application experts at