August 21, 2018

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Managing EMI and EMC at GHz and Beyond

By Ono Hiroshi

New power-semiconductor technologies like SiC and GaN enable increased efficiency and higher switching frequencies, which allows smaller component sizes. But these gains come at the expense of greater radiated electromagnetic emissions, just as EMC regulations are getting tougher. How can engineers effectively minimize radiated EMI?

Silicon Labs  

Silicon Labs’ Si5332 Portfolio Replaces Clocks, Oscillators, Buffers and Complete Clock Trees

Silicon Labs has expanded its Si5332 any-frequency clock portfolio with new versions combining the clock IC and a quartz crystal reference inside the same package, simplifying board layout and design.

Passive Plus  

Passive Plus, Inc. Offers the Modelithics® Component Library as a Free 90-day Trial

Passive Plus, Inc., a Modelithics® Vendor Partner (MVP), is now offering design engineers a Free 90-Day Trial license for the Modelithics PPI Component Library. This will provide PPI customers access to scalable simulation models for PPI capacitors with features that enable a precise and rapid design process.


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EDI CON University Session

High-Speed Board Design Rules to Get Your PCB Designed Right the First Time

Thursday, October 18, 9-11AM
Speaker, Shalom-Shlomi Zigdon

This EDI CON UNIVERSITY session on October 18th at 9AM, will cover 10 critical issues regarding the return current path and bypass capacitors roles, crosstalk by coupling, gap crossing, layers construction and order, stitching vias, and Faraday cages. All of these topics are converted into a guide that is concise but effective and proven to achieve the goals. Learn more and register today.

Upcoming Webinars

Rohde & Schwarz  

GaN for DC to DC Converters and Voltage Regulators

GaN offers many advantages compared to silicon MOSFETS, including smaller size, lower on state resistance, more stable gate voltage, much lower capacitance resulting in higher speed, lower inductance connection inductance and manufacturable using existing silicon wafer fabs and the promise of lower cost. With all of these benefits, mass adoption should be instantaneous, right? Yet, engineers are slow to change, in part due to a lack of credible information and in part due to fear of the unknown.

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