Articles by Istvan Novak

F 3

How Much Capacitance Do We Really Get?

We have to use enough capacitors so that the PDN functions properly. At the same time, to keep cost and size in check, we want to avoid overdesign and not use capacitors unnecessarily. Read on for advice on how to find the balance.

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Figure 7

Sources and Compensation of Skew in Single-Ended and Differential Interconnects

VNA measurements showed that the board-to-board skew distribution of realistic board topologies/routes can be broad, and the peak measured skew was quite significant. Post processing of TDR data suggested that long routes parallel to the board edge may be particularly susceptible to skew variation due to the glass weave.
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What Are Good Connections to Evaluation Boards?

In many measurements, connections to the Device Under Test (DUT) is very important and can fundamentally determine whether the data we get is correct or not, whether the result is useful or potentially misleading.  This article highlights some of the main items to consider.  To illustrate the points, we use examples with DC-DC converter evaluation boards.

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