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Pico Technology's New Scope Offers Four True Differential Channels

Pico Technology, market leader in PC oscilloscopes and data loggers, today introduced the PicoScope 4444 high-resolution differential oscilloscope. This instrument features four true differential input channels and a range of accessories for measurements from millivolt to 1000 V CAT III applications. The new PicoScope addresses the perennial problem of making accurate voltage waveform measurements on circuit elements that are not ground-referenced, without the risk of short circuits that could damage the device under test or the measuring instrument.

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Passive Plus

Passive Plus, Inc., Offers Extended Value Ranges for Traditional HI-Q/Low ESR Capacitors

Passive Plus, Inc. (PPI) now offers extended-values for the Traditional NP0, Hi-Q 0505 (.055” x .055”) -- now available up to 1,000pF and an increased operational temp up to 200°C. These parts exhibit Low ESR/ESL, Low Noise, High Self-Resonance as well as ultra-stable performance over temperature. Usually used for wireless broadcasting equipment, mobile base stations, GPS, MRI, and radar applications and offered in magnetic and non-magnetic terminations.

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GLOBALFOUNDRIES Demos 56 Gbps Long-Reach SerDes on Advanced 14 nm FinFET Process Technology

GLOBALFOUNDRIES announced that it has demonstrated true long-reach 56 Gbps SerDes performance in silicon on the company’s 14nm FinFET process.  As a part of GLOBALFOUNDRIES’ high-performance ASIC offeringFX-14™, the 56Gbps SerDes is designed for customers seeking to improve power and performance efficiency while handling the most demanding long-reach high-performance applications.

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Hanging out with Chiphead - DesignCon 2017 Overview

We paid our annual homage to the coolest event mascot, Chiphead, at DesignCon 2017. DesignCon is the annual meeting place for chip, board, and systems design engineers taking place at the end of January each year in Santa Clara, CA. There were more than 100 sessions spanning 14 tracks covering all aspects of electronic design; from chips through boards and systems.

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