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Texas Inst. 5.23

Fastest 12-bit ADC Meets Demanding Requirements of Tomorrow’s Test, Measurement, and Defense Applications

TI’s new ADC with 8-GHz bandwidth and a 10.4-GSPS sampling rate covers the widest frequency spectrum for 5G testing, oscilloscopes and radar applications

Texas Instruments introduced a new high-speed analog-to-digital converter (ADC) with wide bandwidth, fastest sampling rate and lowest power consumption. The ADC12DJ5200RF helps engineers achieve high measurement accuracy for 5G testing applications and oscilloscopes, and direct X-band sampling for radar applications.

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Post EDI CON China 2019 PR

EDI CON China 2019 Showcases Innovation in Beijing

Event highlights include the EDI CON Product Innovation Awards, exhibits, demonstrations, technical sessions, panels, and plenary keynote talks.

EDI CON China 2019 showcased award-winning products and grew attendance during this year’s event April 1-3, 2019 at the China National Convention Center (CNCC) in Beijing, China. Completing its seventh year, EDI CON CHINA continues to be the largest microwave and high-speed digital design conference and exhibition in China.

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product news 650_

Dialog Semiconductor Announces Programmable Multi-Channel LDO Regulator

Absolute Lowest Noise & Highest PSRR Performance

Dialog Semiconductor Plc, announced its latest configurable mixed-signal integrated circuit (CMIC) device with low dropout (LDO) regulator performance, the SLG51000. The SLG51000 features the highest power supply rejection ratio (PSRR) and lowest output voltage noise of any programmable multi-channel LDO on the market to power advanced camera and sensor systems.

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Microchip Expands Carrier-Grade Time and Synchronization Portfolio

To Solve Network Deployment, Reliability and Scalability Challenges

One of the biggest 5G network deployment challenges is synchronizing higher volumes of more densely packed base stations. Another is keeping services operating through Global Navigation Satellite System (GNSS) lapses due to vulnerabilities such as jamming, spoofing or loss of signal. Microchip Technology Inc., via its Microsemi subsidiary, is solving these and other challenges for networks with additions to its Precision Time Protocol (PTP) PackeTime® portfolio including the TimeProvider 4100 Release 2.0.

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Spectrum Introduces 16-Bit AWGs With 8 Channels per Card

Spectrum Instrumentation has used its modular design philosophy to create a solution for customers wanting multi-channel AWGs. Having 8 AWG channels on a single PCIe-card only 168 mm in length offers great new opportunities for very compact and affordable test systems. The addition of the two new 8-channel-cards to Spectrum's latest "65" series of PCIe Arbitrary waveform generators means that, using Spectrum's Star-Hub, up to 80 channels can be fully synchronized in a single PC.

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Siglent Introduces New Programmable DC Loads

SIGLENT Technologies has introduced the SDL1000X and SDL1000X-E series of programmable electronic DC Loads, which are designed for battery, solar cell, and power supply testing. The SDL1020X/X-E models offer an input range of 150 V/30 A with 200 W total power dissipation, while the SDL1030X/X-E’s have an input range of 150 V/30 A up-to 300 W.

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Passive Plus, Inc. Capacitor Application Program

Passive Plus, Inc.’s brand new Capacitor Application Program (C.A.P.) helps engineers and designers select capacitors according to parameters such as cap value and frequency. C.A.P. will provide options (case size, terminations, mounting), and parameters (ESR, Q, impedance) along with datasheets.

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