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Maxim Analog ICs Address Power Issues

Three new analog products from Maxim Integrated Products, Inc. aim to help designers reduce power consumption and solution size while improving measurement accuracy, The MAX6078A voltage reference IC, the MAX16155 nano power supervisor and the MAX16160 voltage monitor and reset IC achieve  performance for cloud infrastructure, IoT, intelligence, on-device AI, as well as smart and applications in consumer, communications, industrial and medical markets.

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New Yorker Electronics Expands Portfolio of 12G Optimized Products to Include MCX Connectors

New Yorker Electronics has added the Amphenol RF 12G MCX connectors to its lineup of 12G Optimized Amphenol RF Connectors. Designed specifically for 4K/Ultra-HD broadcast applications, they are used in 4K/8K video cameras, mobile broadcasting, digital signage and other video applications. These new PCB connectors and cable connectors boast standard 12Gbps performance per SMPTE.

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EDI CON Online Announces 2020 Show Dates

Online, interactive live event enjoyed a successful inaugural year in 2019.

EDI CON Online, an interactive event held for the first time September 10-12, 2019, has posted impressive results for its inaugural year with more than 4400 sessions attended to date. 97% of attendees surveyed noted they would attend another EDI CON Online, and 97% would also recommend the event to a colleague.

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Rohde & Schwarz Remains on Course for Growth

The independent technology group Rohde & Schwarz closed its 2018/2019 fiscal year (July to June) with strong results. At EUR 2.14 billion, revenue was 4.9 percent higher than in the previous year, while incoming orders rose by 10.6 percent to EUR 2.45 billion.

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Achieving Quantum Supremacy

Researchers in UC Santa Barbara/Google scientist John Martinis’ group have made good on their claim to quantum supremacy. Using 53 entangled quantum bits (“qubits”), their Sycamore computer has taken on and solved a problem considered intractable for classical computers.

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Keysight Technologies Delivers High Performance PXE EMI Receiver

Accelerates time-to-market of 5G, IoT and automotive electronics

Keysight Technologies, Inc., has extended the company's N9048B PXE Electromagnetic Interference (EMI) Receiver from 26.5 to 44 GHz enabling customers to meet current and emerging compliance testing requirements according to various standards bodies, including MIL-STD-461G and FCC Part 15.

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PPI 10.21

Passive Plus, Inc. Custom Assemblies Offering

Passive Plus, Inc. (PPI) offers custom capacitor assemblies for high power requirements. Typical assemblies are configured in series and/or parallel combinations, producing higher voltage/current handling capabilities, extended capacitance range and tighter tolerances. PPI works with requesting engineers to determine best assembly for their applications.

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