Advanced Thermal Solutions, Inc. (ATS), a thermal engineering and manufacturing company focused on the thermal management of electronics, is pleased to announce the addition of tvLYT™ to its line of liquid crystal and surface thermography systems.

tvLYT™ is a high-resolution liquid crystal thermography system that provides a cost-effective and portable solution for precision temperature measurement of electronics, circuit boards, micro-circuits, hybrid components, and integrated circuits. Use tvLYT™ to locate hot spots and defects, design and verify integrated circuits, and quickly and easily analyze the temperature gradient of devices and systems.

As temperature changes, thermographic liquid crystals (TLC) alter their reflected color when illuminated by a white light, enabling engineers to get a visual representation of the heat on the surface of a device or a printed circuit board (PCB). Using the thermVIEW™ Lite software and the calibration files, which can both be easily downloaded from the ATS website, tvLYT™ will give precise temperature readings based on the color changes of the TLC materials.

The tvLYT™ system includes a high-performance solid-state, color macroscopic optic camera with a 16X digital zoom and manual focus. The field of view at a distance of 15 mm is 26 mm by 26 mm. At a distance of 48 mm, the field of view is 180 mm by 180 mm. A stable, flicker-free LED light hangs below the camera, attached by specially-designed brackets to an adjustable scissor arm, to provide the light source.

tvLYT™ comes in a light-weight, sturdy travel case. tvLYT™ is easy to assemble and there is a handy quick-start guide to assist engineers in attaching the camera to the scissor arm, which can be quickly attached to any laboratory bench or table. Use tvLYT™ in whatever work space you have available. Also included in the kit are black ink, a brush, and two bottles of thermochromic liquid crystals (TLC) – one for a temperature range of 40-60°C and the other for the range of 80-90°C.

The camera connects to your computer through a USB connection. ATS is offering four calibrations for free in the first year after purchase of tvLYT™, as well as lifetime technical support.

Get a clearer picture of the heat on your device or board to ensure the reliability of your design, avoid failures or degradation over time, and avoid costly redesigns by using ATS tvLYT™. Learn more about tvLYT™ at

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