A benchmark in cost-effective and high-performance board-to-board solutions for multi-national telecommunications corporations will be set as HUBER+SUHNER launches its new MFBX Evo product.

Developed from more than 20 years of proven RF technology, the MFBX Evo builds on the MFBX to provide better RF performance achieving excellent return loss rates at higher frequencies (up to 6 GHz).

The modular design of the MFBX Evo enables the connector piece parts to be used in different connections, reducing resources and achieving economies of scale. Total cost of ownership is reduced thanks to the infinite number of design options made possible by the high tolerance compensation between boards that hold excellent electrical values. The MFBX Evo can handle an axial misalignment of ± 0.8 mm and radial misalignment of ± 0.7 mm at 17 mm.

“When developing MFBX Evo, we examined every detail of the design to ensure cost efficiencies, increase modularity and optimized the assembly process, while maintaining the high standards of product quality and performance that are trademarks of HUBER+SUHNER,” said Daniel Troxler, product manager, HUBER+SUHNER.

“The solution is produced using a state-of-the-art automated assembly process that generates quality products in high quantities in little time. This enables us to provide a solution with enhanced performance that meets our customers’ requirements for high volume applications.”

The automated assembly process used by HUBER+SUHNER leverages innovative production technologies such as robotic assembly, stamp-bending and injection moulding. MFBX Evo utilises the HUBER+SUHNER blind ‘mateability’ feature, ensuring a safe, fast, reliable and secure connection between interfaces.

The MFBX Evo can be customised to meet individual customer requirements, including around specific design needs and various board-to-board distances.