April 17, 2018

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Influence of Noise Processes on Jitter and Phase Noise Measurements

By Gary Giust

This article examines the key noise processes involved in measurements of jitter and phase noise, shows how these processes impact test results for various types of test equipment, and provides insight for interpreting these results.


Harwin Introduces Ultra-Compact Fine Pitch Cable-to-Board Connector Offering

Continuing to extend the breadth of its interconnect solutions, Harwin has announced the latest addition to the M40 series. With phosphor bronze contacts that are rated for currents of up to 1A, these lightweight, low profile 1mm pitch units are the smallest in the company’s portfolio of cable-to-board connectors.

Rohde & Schwarz  

The Latest R&S FPC Entry-Level Spectrum Analyzer from Rohde & Schwarz Combines Three Key RF Test Instruments

Rohde & Schwarz has extended its R&S FPC spectrum analyzer family, adding the R&S FPC1500. This compact instrument combines a spectrum analyzer, a one-port vector network analyzer and a CW signal generator. It is ideal for education, for applications in service and repair shops and for professional hobbyists.


PCB and Interconnect Design eBook


PCB and Interconnect Design

Sponsored by Sierra Circuits and Samtec

One of the fundamental problems with high-speed design in general and PCB/interconnect designs in particular, is that problems tend to be intermittent and hard to troubleshoot. So, as a PCB designer, how do you avoid the headaches of mysterious SI or PI issues on board? How do you select the best interconnects for the job to make them as transparent as possible to your design? Download this free eBook to learn more.

Upcoming Webinars

Rohde & Schwarz

Best Design Practices for Systems with PDN Noise-Sensitive Circuits

Most of the power integrity focus is on high power devices, such as FPGAs and CPUs. Most power distribution networks (PDNs) also include sensitive circuits including LNAs, clocks, and PLLs, often even within the FPGAs. These sensitive circuits can be sensitive to microvolts of noise. The challenge is that over-designing the power supply adds unnecessary cost while under-designing the power supply results in suboptimal performance. In this webinar we’ll provide the essential information you need and allay your fears.

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