May 30, 2017

Sponsored by: Cadence


Featured Article

S-parameter Renormalization, The Art of Cheating

By Gustavo J. Blando

This simple trick of renormalization can give you a quick answer and it will provide insight into the underlying structure to analyze.


Featured Article

Decoding the Smith Chart for Signal Integrity Engineers
By Eric Bogatin

Every RF engineer learns about the Smith Chart their first day studying S-parameters. It’s an important tool for RF applications. Not so for SI applications. But there are some valuable insights a Smith Chart can illuminate. Here’s how to extract those few nuggets.


PAM4 Demands Accurate S-parameters
By Anritsu

This white paper covers NRZ and PAM4 bandwidth demands at high data rates, the importance of accurate S-parameters, modeling and simulation of SERDES interconnects and circuits, and why PAM4 analysis requires VNA measurements.


Analog Devices' IEEE 802.3bt PD Controller Offers 99% Efficiency

Analog Devices, Inc., which recently acquired Linear Technology Corp., announced the LT4294 IEEE 802.3bt Powered Device (PD) interface controller for applications requiring up to 71W of delivered power.


Spectrum GmbH

EMC Filters for Single Phase Applications

Schaffner introduces three new series of single-phase filters.






How to Accurately Model a Multi-Gigabit Serial Link 10 Times Faster
By Cadence Design Systems Inc.

In this video, learn how to model serial link interfaces using a cut-and-stitch methodology which enables creation of 3D full-wave accurate s-parameter models 10 times faster than traditional approaches.


Signal Integrity Webinar

Learn from our library of archived webinars for on-demand viewing


Using VNAs for Eye Diagrams: Understanding S-parameter Measurements

Date: March 28, 2017
Sponsored by: CST - Computer Simulation Technology
Presented by: Joseph C. (Jay) Diepenbrock, Independent Consultant


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