May 9, 2017

Sponsored by: Sierra Circuits

Sierra Circuits

Featured Article

Additional Trace Losses Due to Glass-Weave Periodic Loading

By Jason R. Miller, Istvan Novak, and Gustavo J. Blando

Glass-weave periodic loading can introduce additional insertion loss at midrange frequencies. This article characterizes these additional losses using actual glass weave cross-sectional data. It also shows how trace route angle and length can set up different secondary resonance patterns.



Rohde and Schwarz

Accurate and fast power integrity measurements
By Rohde & Schwarz

Measuring ripple, noise and transients on today’s low-voltage DC power rails challenges most oscilloscopes. With smaller rail voltages and 1 % to 2 % tolerances, instrument and probing noise make it hard to accurately measure specified tolerances. Adequate bandwidth is required to see harmonics of fast edges and higher frequency sources that can be coupled on power rails.



Rogers Corporation Introduces RO1200™ High Speed, Extremely Low Loss Laminates

With a low dielectric constant of 3.05, and a maximum dissipation factor of 0.0017 @10GHz, RO1200 laminates provide outstanding signal integrity, reduced signal skew, and reduced cross-talk.




Pulse Electronics Announces NBase-T Compliant Ethernet ICMs

Pulse's integrated connector modules (ICMs) meet IEEE802.3bz specifications and are compatible with 100/1000Base-T specifications.




Mentor Graphics

Expedition and HyperLynx: Making Analysis More Accessible
By Mentor Graphics

How to perform multi-domain validation all the way up to the system level in order to ensure a successful design in times of limited resources.


Signal Integrity Webinar

New Connectors for High-Speed Applications

Date: May 15, 2017
Time: 8am PT/ 11am ET
Sponsored by: CST - Computer Simulation Technology
Presented by: Joseph C. (Jay) Diepenbrock, Independent Consultant


Laminate Materials Characterization for High Speed Applications

Date: May 17, 2017
Time: 8am PT/ 11am ET
Sponsored by: Sierra Circuits
Presented by: Yuriy Shlepnev, President and Founder of Simberian Inc.


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