April 4, 2017

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Editors Choice

Decoding the Smith Chart for Signal Integrity Engineers
By Eric Bogatin

There are some valuable insights a Smith Chart can illuminate. Here’s how to extract those few nuggets.

Signal Integrity

BER- and COM-Way of Channel-Compliance Evaluation: What are the Sources of Differences?
By Vladimir Dmitriev-Zdorov, Cristian Filip, Chuck Ferry, and Alfred P. Neves

Read how the improved COM method matches the results given by an accurate statistical eye and BER analysis, provided that both are based on the same channel response and identical equalization settings.


Rohde and Schwarz

IoT Power Consumption App Note
By Rohde & Schwarz

This application note explains battery life tests using RT-ZVC in combination with CMWrun and CMW500, including example applications.



Pico Technology Increases the Bandwidth of its PicoScope 9300 Family of Sampling Oscilloscopes

Pico Technology has increased the bandwidth of its PicoScope 9300 family of Sampling Oscilloscopes with two new 25 GHz models.




Analog Devices’ Integrated, Isolated Power Controller Series Reduces Design Complexity

Analog Devices announced a series of three isolated pulse width modulation (PWM) controllers with integrated 5 kV isolation enabled by ADI’s award-winning iCoupler® technology.



Designing Complex, High-Speed Boards with Fewer Re-Spins
By Cadence DesignSystems

See how Imagine Communications reduced the number of iterations on large boards from up to 4 to a maximum of 2 by quickly checking for issues such as impedance violations and reference-plane signal-crossings, while validating compliance with protocol standards.

Using VNAs for Eye Diagrams: Understanding S-parameter Measurements Webinar

Learn how to create meaningful eye diagrams from S-parameters, including the basics of S-parameters, how an eye diagram is calculated using S-parameters, S-parameter test considerations and measurement examples.



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