Polar Instruments - a specialist provider of tools for PCB design, fabrication and test - has launched new online base material libraries for Speedstack, the industry’s favorite PCB layer stackup design system. In addition, Polar is encouraging other base material suppliers to provide updated data to make this the most comprehensive updated material library resource for PCB specifiers.

“Customers setting up their Speedstack installations wanted an easier way to access updated material library data,” explains Neil Chamberlain, Signal Integrity Product manager at Polar Instruments. “One of the key strengths of the Speedstack system is its ability to accurately document detailed specifications for each layer in a PCB stackup. By providing a live link to regularly updated material libraries both setup and ongoing maintenance is a much smoother process. In addition, we have split each supplier library into sub families, so customers can easily select the appropriate materials for their requirements.”

Speedstack is part of a suite of Signal integrity and documentation tools from Polar, enabling OEM PCB specifiers and fabricators to accurately communicate layer stackup and associated signal integrity requirements. Polar Impedance and Insertion loss field solvers, along with Impedance and Insertion loss test systems connect with Speedstack to close the loop between specifying, test vehicle generation, modeling and measurement.

You can experience Speedstack for yourself by contacting your local Polar office.