JitterLabs is the only independent test lab providing 100% test coverage for all clock specifications in PCIe v4. All necessary PCIe compliance load boards have been developed in house to facilitate testing by easily connecting to product-evaluation boards provided by customers. Each PCIe Test Report evaluates a 100 MHz clock output from a device at one process, voltage, and temperature. All compliance results, plus related data and plots, are summarized in an easy to read PDF Compliance Statement.

One early challenge was determining the best approach to measure very low levels of jitter using an oscilloscope, as required by PCI-SIG®. Typically the jitter noise floor of an oscilloscope can approach or even exceed that from a precision oscillator. To overcome this, JitterLabs developed a new methodology based on empirical modeling to remove jitter from the test environment. JitterLabs uses this method to accurately extract the intrinsic jitter of a device, and provides 98% error bars to assess confidence in the methodology. The new method requires no additional hardware, is spread-spectrum agnostic, fulfills all PCI-SIG test requirements, and is scaleable for future generations.

"We're excited to support the PCIe community with the most comprehensive and accurate independent clock-compliance program available in the market," said Dr. Gary Giust, JitterLabs' CEO. "Implementors can request independent Test Reports from their suppliers to verify compliance, promote interoperability, and reduce the likelihood of field failures."

Additional measurements (such as phase noise, power-supply induced jitter, spurious noise, and more), not required by PCI-SIG, are also included with each PCIe Test Report to provide a complete analysis. These measurements, and the PDF Compliance Statement, may be accessed, analyzed, and shared with other businesses online using the JitterLabs app.

For additional information, contact Dr. Gary Giust or visit: https://www.jitterlabs.com/services/test-reports#pcie