As a global leader in signal integrity, Samtec’s in-house engineering team utilizes EDA tools across the industry via our global 24/7 support of customer SI designs and applications.  Our experience with these tools enables unique collaborations with EDA suppliers and industry leading technical events.

Throughout spring and summer of 2017, we will be presenting our capabilities at technology events sponsored by Mentor®, A Siemens Business.  We invite you to stop by to learn more about Samtec’s SI capabilities.

Samtec Presentations at Mentor Events

One course Samtec will present is entitled Enabling PCB Design and Layout from DC to 56 Gbps:

PCB design and layout design requirements grow as high-speed serial channel data rates become faster.  Optimized channel performance demands access to the latest tools, resources, and service in current and next generation data rates.  Technical experts from Samtec will review the evolution of high data rate serial channels while highlighting an ecosystem of design support available for PCB designers and layout engineers.

Another course Samtec will present is entitled 28Gbps/56Gbps Channel SI/PI Optimization and Design Challenges:

High-speed serial data channels (28Gbps/56Gbps) proliferate unabated across many applications.  Despite a corresponding increase in technical articles, support, tools and resources, many engineers lack the experience and confidence to design and optimize 28Gbps/56Gbps channels.  This course will explore high-level design challenges in 28Gbps/56Gbps channels and provide design tips and techniques to optimize SI and PI in 28Gbps/56Gbps channels.

Samtec will be present at the following events:

Mentor User2User Conference

User2User is a highly interactive, in-depth technical conference focused on real world experiences using Mentor tools to design leading–edge products.

Join us for a day of networking and learning opportunities with Calibre, High Density Advanced Packaging, HLS and RTL/GL Low-Power, Functional Verification, IC Digital Design Implementation, Emulation, AMS Verification and Tessent DFT and Yield.


Mentor is holding a hands-on PCB Designer Workshop on May 3rd. Don’t miss your opportunity as a Mentor product user to talk with the experts about new technologies and hear customer success stories. We have a day full of technical sessions.

Mentor PCB Forums

Increasing design complexity. Growing global market pressures. Greater demands for more differentiated, reliable products in less time. For creators of electronic products, it can be challenging to keep up with constant industry changes. But why adapt when you can be the driver of change?

This year, Mentor hosts a global PCB Forum that explores how organizations can accelerate smart innovation, putting themselves ahead of the curve in PCB systems design.

We look forward to seeing you at these upcoming events.