Signal Edge Solutions, a leading provider of innovative test and measurement solutions, is delighted to announce a strategic partnership with Select Fabricators, a renowned manufacturer of high-quality EMI shielding and signal isolation products. This collaboration marks a significant expansion of Signal Edge Solutions' product portfolio, enhancing its ability to serve customers in the electronics industry.

As part of this partnership, Signal Edge Solutions will now serve as a distributor of Select Fabricators' comprehensive range of EMI shielding tents, pouches, curtains, and signal isolation enclosures. Select Fabricators make unique portable EMI test enclosures for emissions and compliance testing that can be easily moved and set up quickly. Their shielded fabrics offer the highest levels of attenuation. Patented designs combined with innovative construction methods and expertise in RF/EMI shielding allow Select Fabricators enclosures to reach attenuation levels over -100 dB. Select Fabricators' products are known for their superior quality, reliability, and effectiveness in protecting sensitive electronic equipment from electromagnetic interference (EMI), providing signal isolation solutions, and EMC testing solutions.

"We are thrilled to partner with Select Fabricators to offer their industry-leading EMI shielding and signal isolation products to our customers," said Benjmain Dannan, chief technologist and owner of Signal Edge Solutions. "This partnership allows us to further expand our product offerings and provide our customers with access to top-quality solutions that meet their specific needs for EMC test and measurement applications."

EMI shielding and signal isolation are critical considerations in the design and operation of electronic devices, particularly in industries such as telecommunications, aerospace, medical, and defense. By partnering with Select Fabricators, Signal Edge Solutions aims to address these requirements effectively and deliver comprehensive EMI/EMC test and measurement solutions to its customers.

The partnership between Signal Edge Solutions and Select Fabricators underscores both companies' dedication to providing customers with high-quality solutions and exceptional service.