Stewart Connector, announces a product line extension to the SealJack PCB mount series with a right angle USB 2.0 SealJack connector. The SealJack PCB Mount Series is used in IoT applications where reliability and functionality are necessary when Ethernet moves outside typical office applications.

The USB 2.0 Right Angle SealJack offers a uniquely sealed, light and compact design that can transmit 480 Mbps. This single port right angle connector is rated for IP67 applications and allows for front panel mounting with blind mating screw pockets. Stewart’s USB 2.0 SealJack connector also has 30um of gold on the contacts and is molded in high temperature plastic. These sealed connectors excel when electronics need to be protected from environmental conditions beyond what is capable using traditional USB connectivity.

Stewart Connector products are available at Digi-Key, Mouser, Newark and in Europe Farnell.

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